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How to Edit an Instagram Comment

How To Edit An Instagram Comment?

Isn’t it one of the worst feelings when you take your time to write a comment on an Instagram post and you look back...
TikTok for Business

TikTok for Business Has Arrived

Just like any other social media network, it was high time for TikTok to launch a platform for businesses. They had until now the...
Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels Arrive to More Markets

Last year, Instagram was launching Reels in Brazil. What is Reels you might ask? Well, it is Tik Tok's competitor, meaning short format videos - 15 seconds long -...
Instagram Ads Without a Facebook Account

Create Instagram Ads Without a Facebook Account

Do you remember the times when Instagram was an independent social network with fewer ads and more authentic content? Well, those times ended back in...
20 Accounts With Most Twitter Followers in 2020

20 Accounts With Most Twitter Followers in 2020

Seven years ago we wrote a blog post on the 10 accounts with most Twitter followers at the time. It was our first blog...
Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Best Practices: A Complete List for Marketers

Whether you’re a seasoned social media marketer or a novice, there’s one thing you absolutely need to know: social media best practices. 
Audio Tweets

Twitter Brings Audio Tweets to iOS

The future is audio, everyone says. And we can see that in the rise of podcasts and podcasts platforms and other companies investing money in the new type of...
WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp Payments Are Now Available in Brazil

There have been rumors for some time now that WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned app, would allow payments, but only now they have become a reality and only in Brazil for...

Snap Partner Summit Is Coming with Big News for Snapchat

Snap Partner Summit 2020 has taken place yesterday and Snapchat representatives have announced lots of news on what's to come for the social network: both in terms of functionalities...

Verification Is Coming Back to Twitter

For years now Twitter has given the blue check icon to public figures and other profiles that they have considered to be of interest. And you might know it...

How can I see who watched my Facebook live?

Ever since Facebook launched Facebook Live Broadcast at the beginning of 2016, influencers and companies have been jumping on the bandwagon, trying to engage...

How and Why to Run an Instagram Account Audit with InstaCheck in 2020?

If an Instagram account growth has stopped, it means it’s time to run an Instagram audit with InstaCheck. Every so often, both personal and...

Expert Tips for Creating Visually Stunning Instagram Stories

Most Instagram marketers post their content through the feed; however, it is not the only method they can use to engage with their target...

Twitter Brings New Conversation Settings to Replies

Twitter is the platform where everyone can reply to a tweet at any time. This is good, but also inconvenient sometimes because you can get...
First 10 People on Facebook

First 10 People on Facebook: Who Created the First Facebook Accounts?

The social media giant that we all know as Facebook was born over 16 years ago in a college dorm room at Harvard and...
Instagram Shop

Facebook Shops – Facebook Changes the Future of eCommerce

Many small businesses have joined the big ones on the world wide web since this pandemic started. Different times call for different measures and many...
linkedin events

LinkedIn Adds Live Videos and Polls Features to Encourage Engagement

Remote working seems to stay on track and no one knows for how long, so LinkedIn, the professional social network continues on doing improvements and adding a new feature...

Facebook and Instagram Support Local Businesses With New Features

We all know that back in March, when the madness with the pandemic started to grow all over the world, Facebook has created a $100 million grant in order...


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