TikTok and Unilever Partner Up to Promote Cleaning Content With #CleanTok™ Awards

TikTok and Unilever for #CleanTok

TikTok and the huge food, hygiene, and cosmetics brand Unilever have entered a partnership that sponsors the hashtag #CleanTok in some parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. Cleaning content has been huge on TikTok, especially with Gen Z, with #CleanTok gathering over 100 billion views.

#CleanTok has become a vibrant community on TikTok where users share cleaning tips, hacks, and routines. This community is characterized by its supportive and engaging nature, where users not only share content but also interact, offering advice and encouragement. The content ranges from deep-cleaning videos, and organization tips, to eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This variety caters to a wide range of interests and needs within the community. Many #CleanTok contributors focus on educating their viewers, whether it’s about the best cleaning techniques, product reviews, or demonstrating how to tackle tough cleaning challenges. #CleanTok has been influential in setting cleaning trends and popularizing certain products or methods. Here are a few examples of #CleanTok videos that show a satisfying bathroom cleanup and a Sunday reset:

Viral #CleanTok videos can lead to spikes in product demand or the adoption of specific cleaning habits. For instance, 54% of users have purchased a household item after viewing it on the platform, with 71% of these purchases being spontaneous. Nearly 70% of users acknowledge that TikTok has influenced their discovery of household products. Additionally, TikTok users are 1.5 times more likely to make an immediate purchase of a product they found on the platform compared to users on other social media websites. Unilever’s own Cif Cream Cleaner saw a substantial increase in sales after videos under #CleanTok went viral for using the product to clean dirty sneakers.

Considering all of the above, it makes sense that Unilever would sponsor #CleanTok to increase product sales. The collaboration celebrates the transformation of cleaning from a mundane task to a source of entertainment, attracting millions of followers worldwide, and is comprised of two main campaigns: the #CleanTok™ Awards and Unilever’s cleaning soap opera called ‘Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime’, which will feature Unilever’s best-known home care brands.

Unilever views the partnership as a chance to deliver information to consumers and inspire them to use their products. It also offers Unilever unique insights into consumer usage and preferences regarding their products. This interaction is akin to having a conversation with the millions who use their products daily.

Incorporating all of Unilever’s Home Care brands, such as Dirt Is Good (DIG), Cif, Domestos, Sunlight, and Comfort, the partnership is set to run until January 2024 across the UK, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Indonesia. During this period, Unilever’s Cleanipedia website, offering cleaning tips and advice, will serve as the exclusive sponsor for #CleanTok.

Specifics of the #CleanTok™ Awards

  1. Award Categories: The awards feature four categories:
    • Most Helpful Hack: Focused on unique and effective cleaning tips and tricks.
    • Most Motivational Sunday Reset: Celebrating inspirational content for organizing and preparing for the week.
    • Most OMG Extreme Clean: Recognizing outstanding cleaning transformations.
    • Most Satisfying ASMR: Highlighting content that offers a sensory cleaning experience​​.
  2. Prizes: Winners will receive a #CleanTok Awards trophy and a variety of home care cleaning products​​.
  3. Spotless Creator Competition: Running concurrently with the awards, this competition encourages participants across the UK to showcase creative cleaning transformations. Entrants can win a cash prize by using the hashtag #CleanTokAwards in their submission videos. Winners are selected by a special judging panel​​.
  4. Voting and Announcement: The TikTok community can vote for their favorites in November, with winners being announced on December 1​​.
  5. Sponsorship and Support: Unilever’s Cleanipedia website, offering cleaning tips and advice, is the exclusive sponsor of the #CleanTok™ Awards. Cleanipedia has experienced significant growth in traffic since the beginning of its sponsorship​​.

More About “Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime”

Unilever has launched a five-episode mini-series titled “Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime” on TikTok. This series, created as part of the #CleanTok partnership with TikTok, features some of Unilever’s well-known cleaning and laundry brands. Co-produced with TikTok creator Sam Cotton, known for making animated characters from objects, the series aims to entertain the growing number of younger people passionate about cleaning. The series is presented as a classic soap opera with a comedic twist, involving stories of wrongdoing, deceit, love rivalry, and dramatic resolutions. The episodes star products from Dirt Is Good (OMO, Persil, Surf Excel, Breeze, Rinso, Ala, or Skip), Cif, and Comfort as animated characters. Here is the first episode in the series:


Dirty Deeds Episode 1 – Someone’s lurking in the shadows for Comfort Creations but who could it be…. 👀 DirtyDeeds Cleanipedia Persil Comfort Cif

♬ original sound – Cleanipedia – Cleanipedia

If you’re not very passionate about cleaning – and frankly, who is except Monica in “Friends” and maybe a few other lucky ones – you might think that watching someone scrub a toilet, do laundry, or clean a dirty kitchen is certainly not something you would be captivated by. But you might be wrong. You would be missing some well-edited entertaining videos with awesome cleaning tips & tricks, and most importantly, cleaning motivation. Which is invaluable. So get on #CleanTok and get your house sparkling clean!

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