Adrian Domocos

Adi Domocos

CEO & Founder

Adi is the Founder of Hot in Social Media. He has an experience of 10+ in the Marketing field and launched this blog because of the passion he has for Social Media Marketing.

Camelia Zoica

Editor & Content Writer

Camelia is an editor, content writer, and translator. She likes playing with the language and is passionate about the environment and sustainability. She has been creating content ranging from ads to blogs posts and landing pages for over 10 years, and is especially passionate about helping sustainable brands and businesses that resonate with her beliefs.

Monica Ratiu

Regular Contributor

Monica is a social media aficionado, always keeping up with new trends in social media. Instagram lover, she is currently working for a start-up born and raised in Cluj county in Romania (Europe).

Remus Zoica

SEO and PPC Specialist

Remus is passionate about technology and has more than 10 years experience doing online marketing focused on SEO and PPC. He has worked to develop strategies to improve the online presence of a lot of companies and is also interested in helping sustainable brands grow their businesses.