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Whether you’re a student working on assignments with word restrictions, or a content writer dealing with a minimum or maximum word count, you need a word count tool to make your job easier. And that’s exactly what our word counter does for you!

Our word count checker comes with no extra frills, and instead, it gives you the basic knowledge that you need to make your text fit into whatever guidelines you are required or you want to meet to achieve certain goals.

Our word count online tool shows you four basic metrics about your text: the number of words, characters, sentences and paragraphs, and it also gives an average reading time, meaning how long it would take an average reader to read your text.

We didn’t want to overload our tool with extra features when all you need is a quick word count on your text. Just copy-paste your text or type it directly in the word counter and it will instantly give you the few simple details that you need.