30 Best Social Media Management Tools

Whether you’re a freelance social media professional, a small business or an agency, you need a social media management tool to help you manage your social networks and make your life easier. 

But what is the best platform to manage social media? What are the best free social media schedulers or the best social posting tools and how to manage social media for business?

Of course there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to content management and social media marketing, as with most things in life, but we’ll take a look at distinctive features in this social media management tools comparison so that you can find the right tool for your needs.

Take a look at our social media software reviews and find out which of the best social media posting tools of 2021 is the perfect fit for you or your company!

1. Hootsuite
2. Social Pilot
3. Iconosquare
4. Sprout Social
5. Buffer
6. Sendible
7. eClincher
8. CrowdFire
9. CoSchedule
10. SocialHub
11. Tailwind
12. ContentCal
13. Agorapulse
14. MavSocial
15. HubSpot
16. Salesforce Social Studio
17. Social Flow
18. Later
19. Loomly
20. MeetEdgar
21. Sprinklr
22. Zoho
23. SocialOomph
25. Falcon.io
26. Post Planner
27. Postcron
28. Reputation
29. Oktopost
30. Planable

Top 30 Best Social Media Management Tools of 2021

1. Hootsuite

Best app for social media scheduling and to manage all social media in one place

There are a lot of social media tools like Hootsuite, but Hootsuite was one of the first social network managers on the market (2008), and it is today’s most used and well-known all-in-one social media softwares, with 16 million users.

It is an excellent all-in-one platform to manage all social media scheduling and analytics, as well as reporting. 

Hootsuite’s social media scheduler allows you to schedule posts for multiple platforms at once and covers over 35 social networks, including of course the most popular ones: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Whether you’re just an entrepreneur or a marketing manager handling multiple accounts, you can use the social media marketing and management dashboard to figure out when to post depending on the platform, as well as discover relevant content, store it in your favorite cloud service, and share it with your audiences. You can get a clear overview of your performance and social growth using their analytics reports, and understand what people think about your brand by monitoring social conversations.

Key feature: Connection with a multitude of networks and being able to bulk-schedule posts.

Pricing: Hootsuite content management plans start at $19/month and go up to $599/month depending on the number of profiles and users you need. They also offer a limited Free plan for 1 user with 3 social profiles, as well as a customizable Enterprise plan for large teams and organizations.

Drawback: Their multi-column dashboard is outdated (hasn’t changed in years), it can be confusing and hard to monitor. One can easily feel overwhelmed by so much information from so many social media platforms.

Suited for: Individuals, teams, agencies and large companies.

2. Social Pilot

One of the best social media management tools for agencies

Social Pilot is a simple and cost-effective social media marketing management software designed for companies and agencies that manage large numbers of social media accounts. With its easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard, you learn how to manage social media for clients in the fastest way possible and add their social media accounts with a minimum of effort. The social media scheduling for agencies allows you to post content quickly by scheduling posts for multiple platforms and multiple clients in one place. The best way to schedule social media posts is to bulk schedule, and Social Pilot allows you to upload up to 500 posts at once through a CSV file. You can easily find relevant content and accounts, discover top influencers in your fields, and connect them with your audiences. 

Key feature: Content curation from various industries and white label analytics reports that you can hand over to your clients.

Pricing: Social Pilot offers plans starting from $25/month and going up to $100/month, as well as a customizable Enterprise plan for large companies.

Drawback: Because it’s been designed for teams and best used as a social media management software for agencies, you won’t get all their best features with an individual plan, especially analytics reports.

Suited for: Teams, agencies and companies.

3. Iconosquare

One of the best social media management tools for Instagram and Facebook business accounts

Iconosquare is one of the best social media management tools for businesses that manage multiple Instagram and Facebook accounts, offering in-depth analytics of your social media performance compared to your competitors. And while it does offer Facebook community management tools, it’s Instagram where it truly shines, and if this is the main social media app that you’re using, then you need Iconosquare. The platform uses an attractive and easy-to-use social media management dashboard that seems to have been especially designed for the modern generation of Instagram users.  

Key feature: The app’s social media scheduling services not only allow you to schedule posts and story updates in advance, but also show you how they will look with the Feed Preview feature. This is especially important if you want your feed to maintain a cohesive look.

Pricing: Iconosquare offers a Pro plan for small businesses and professional marketers starting from $29/month and an Advanced plan for marketing teams starting from $59/month, as well as a customizable plan for agencies.

Drawback: Iconosquare is the best social media manager for Instagram, but that means you can’t manage all your social networks in one place if you’re using more than just Facebook and Instagram.

Suited for: Small and medium businesses, marketing teams and agencies.

4. Sprout Social

In the top 10 social media management software tools for businesses that don’t mess around

Sprout Social is one of the most robust and cohesive all-in-one social media tools for businesses. For a pricey subscription, you can get access to a complete set of social manager tools that can make a huge difference in your business. This social media publishing software brings together advanced publishing features and intuitive workflows to allow you to efficiently plan, schedule and post messages across networks from a single platform. The platform offers all the elementary social media publishing tools in an advanced version: publishing calendar, automated scheduling, teamwork with level access and well-organized dashboards. Sprout Social gives you clear insights into your customers’ profiles, being one of the only social media management platforms for businesses that offers customer relationship management. 

Key feature: Unique for this social media organization app are its reports, which are highly detailed and can be exported to PDF and CSV and sent directly to clients and team members with your company's logo.

Pricing: Sprout Social currently offers three plans for managing business social media accounts starting from $99 and going up to $249 per user per month.

Drawback: Sprout Social’s plans are very expensive, especially for teams. Their cheapest social media scheduler plan starts at $99, which can make it a cheaper alternative to Hootsuite or not, depending on your needs.

Suited for: Professionals, businesses, and large companies.

5. Buffer

Best social media scheduling app with free plan included

Buffer is one of the top social media management platforms with a free plan included, and probably one of the easiest ones to use. It allows the management of multiple accounts all in one place, and it can successfully be used by individuals and large teams as well. Last year they launched Buffer Analyze, their social media analytics and reporting tool, and they currently have two separate products — Buffer Publish and Buffer Analyze — each of them with its own set of plans. Buffer Publish is a great social media planner app that allows you to plan posts, collaborate with your team and publish engaging content, while Buffer Analyze gives you detailed insights into your social media performance and creates amazing reports that you can use to increase your brand’s reach. 

Key feature: Effortless workflow and clean interface.

Pricing: Buffer is one of the more affordable social media management tools, with plans starting from $15/month and going up to $99/month. They also offer a free scheduling tool for social media management with 3 social accounts, 10 scheduled posts, and 1 user, which allows you to post on all social networks at once for free.

Drawback: Buffer is mainly a social media scheduling and publishing platform, so you won’t find complex features for content curation or community management with them.

Suited for: Individuals, teams, agencies and large companies.

6. Sendible

Best social media scheduler for agencies and lead generation

Sendible is a powerful social media management tool designed for agencies or teams who manage multiple social media accounts. Depending on your plan, you can manage up to 192 accounts and have 12 team members included. Their social media posting service allows you to post on all the main social media platforms at once, including WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, and thanks to their integrations with Canva, Google Drive, DropBox, and YouTube, you can easily access your content. Their content recommendation engine will save you a lot of time and their digestible analytics reports will help you monitor and improve your performance. 

Key feature: One extra cool feature is that you can customize the dashboard to match your brand’s identity. 

Pricing: Their social media management system includes four plans ranging from $29/month to $299/month.

Drawback: One of the most often complaints is that Sendible’s reporting features are limited and that they don’t allow enough customization.

Suited for: Agencies, small and big businesses, enterprises.

7. eClincher

Best social media management app for auto-posting

eClincher offers advanced social media scheduling tools and social inbox. Like with many other comprehensive social media posting tools, you can schedule content and post to social media in one place, as well as manage conversations of all your social accounts with their Social Inbox tool. 

Key feature: One of their more unique features is the influencer discovery tool for Twitter, which lets you find and connect with new influencers, as well as their advanced analytics that let you customize your own reports. 

Pricing: The eClincher social media manager website currently offers three plans, starting from $59/month for a basic plan ang going up to $219/month for the more advanced agency plan.

Drawback: eClincher’s main downside is the poor UI. Their design could need some improvement.

Suited for: Individuals, small teams, large teams, or agencies (6 members) and enterprises.

8. CrowdFire

The cream of social media publishing platforms

CrowFire is one of the best social media manager apps and one of the simplest ones to use. Like many top social media management tools, it allows you to schedule and publish social media content all from one platform, tailor your posts for each social media network, and discover new content, but its most distinguished feature is that it allows you to connect your blogs, YouTube channel, and online stores to the platform. 

Key feature: Every time you have updates on your channels, CrowdFire will create social media posts and publish them.

Pricing: CrowdFire offers a free social media planner and three paid plans starting from $9.99/month and going up to $99.99/month.

Drawback: Their content discovery tool is limited, in that it lets you find only content that has been shared by other CrowdFire users. Also, if your WordPress blogs or online stores are self-hosted, you cannot connect them to CrowdFire and you will have to post content yourself.

Suited for: Individuals, small and medium businesses, and larger teams or agencies.

9. CoSchedule

Best social media software for marketing

CoSchedule is not only a great social scheduling app, but it’s also a social marketing management software designed specifically with marketers in mind. The social media manager program can help you manage your projects, events and emails by creating a predefined social media plan that you can reuse every week. You can curate, create and share content as you surf the web, without leaving the browser, and download unique reports for each of your social media accounts and networks.

Key feature: Use a single window to post content on all of your platforms.

Pricing: CoSchedule offers a Blog Calendar starting at $14/user/month and a Marketing Calendar starting at $29/user/month (when billed annually). They also offer a Marketing Suite for team and project coordination. 

Drawback: Given that their plans are paid per user, they are a bit expensive, but considering they offer a full marketing kit (not only social media management), it might be worth it.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses and agencies.

10. SocialHub

Top social media management software for businesses and government agencies

SocialHub is one of the easiest to use social media management tools. They offer a powerful set of tools and address mainly businesses. Like all major social media scheduling platforms, SocialHub will store your messages in one place, the Social Inbox. You can schedule your content in one collaborative calendar and easily monitor your brand’s reputation across social networks. Optimize your social strategy with powerful analytics tools and insights.

Key feature: Promoting posts on Facebook.

Pricing: Starting at $99/user/month.

Drawback: They don’t have a plan for individuals and marketers would like better analytics features.

Suited for: Small and large businesses, agencies, and government.

11. Tailwind

Best social media post scheduling software for Pinterest and Instagram 

Not many social scheduling platforms cater specifically to Pinterest, but Tailwind does an excellent job at it while also offering great Instagram marketing. You can schedule Pinterest pins and Instagram posts in advance and automatically pin/post at optimum times for more engagement, reach, and website traffic. What’s great about Tailwind is that it focuses on the best social media planning tools for Pinterest and Instagram, featuring pixel-matching technology and image recognition to spot the most popular images, analytics reports to measure pin virality, as well as UGC content management for Instagram. 

Key feature: With their browser extensions, you can schedule multiple pins at once while browsing the web, and their iOS app allows you to schedule content on the move.

Pricing: Both the Pinterest Plus and Instagram Plus plans cost $14.99 per account per month or $9.99 when paid annually, with a limited free plan for 100 pins on Pinterest or 30 posts on Instagram.

Drawback: As it’s specifically designed for Pinterest and Instagram, you can’t use this software to post to all social media and manage all your social media in one place, and many users are looking for that one best app to manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one place.

Suited for: Bloggers, small and growing businesses, brands and agencies.

12. ContentCal

Best social content management system for planning, drafting and creating content within a team

ContentCal is a visual calendar for planning and auto-publishing your social media content. While it does offer some of the features of other social management platforms like posting, scheduling, and analytics, it’s not where it truly excels. ContentCal is designed to make content management easier within your team and when you communicate with clients, improving team and content workflow. You can use ContentCal’s calendar to make your team’s life easier when planning, creating, sending for approval, scheduling and publishing content. 

Key feature: You can see all your team’s tasks with audit trails and customize your accounts by brands or clients.

Pricing: ContentCal offers a Pro plan for individuals at $17/month (only with annual subscription), a Company plan at $47-$59, and two custom Premium and Enterprise plans.

Drawback: You won’t find the complex features all the other social media management tools offer, like content curation or social inbox.

Suited for: Individuals, small and large businesses, enterprises, and especially agencies with teams of content creators.

13. Agorapulse

Affordable social media management for businesses and agencies

Agorapulse is an all-in-one, easy and affordable social media manager app with a free 28-day trial. Plus, it comes with some extra features. Just like with many other social media posting platforms, you can control all social media in one place and get all social messages stored in one place. Enjoy real-time team collaboration and increase your brand’s reputation by monitoring topics and hashtags and getting advanced analytics reports. 

Key feature: Agorapulse offers Facebook contest apps and competitor analysis at reasonable prices compared to other social media programs of its kind.

Pricing: Agorapulse plans start at $79/month and go up to $499/month.

Drawback: Video posting is not available for Instagram. Also, exporting YouTube reports is not possible.

Suited for: Individuals, small and large businesses, enterprises.

14. MavSocial

Best social media posting software for visually appealing content

MavSocial is a multi platform social media app that focuses on visual content. It has all the basic tools for scheduling, publishing and monitoring, including Social Inbox for managing messages, replies and comments in one place, and account roles and tasks for easy collaboration. But where it truly shines is its visual content curation and powerful editing tools. You can refine your searches by media type, library, and image shape to easily find what you’re looking for, whether that’s photos, videos or GIFs. Add filters, stickers and effects to your images with the magic wand and have fun with the content you post on social media.

Key feature: MavSocial offers a huge library of over 20 million royalty-free stock photos that you can edit within the platform and use to improve your social media posts.

Pricing: MavSocial’s plans start at an affordable $16/month for freelancers and small businesses and go up to $499 for the enterprise plan.

Drawback: The UI is not very intuitive, it may take a while to get accustomed to the platform.

Suited for: Individuals, small and large businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

15. HubSpot

Content management and social media marketing software under one roof

HubSpot offers the best social media management services as part of their complete marketing kit (email, CRM, SEO). With HupSpot you not only get professional social media management, but also a full stack of services that work great together and can help you save a lot of time and effort in the long run. HubSpot allows you to connect your blog to your social accounts, which means every blog update will be automatically published on social media. With its advanced social monitoring tools, your sales force team gets an email every time someone mentions your brand on social media. 

Key feature: Advanced analytics reports linked with CRM that show you the exact channels and posts that bring sales and actual leads.

Pricing: HubSpot’s Marketing Hub prices start at a “mere” $40 for the Starter plan and go up to a whopping $3,200/month for the Enterprise plan. 

Drawback: Because HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing suite, their subscriptions are costly.

Suited for: Individuals, small and large businesses, and enterprises.

16. Salesforce Social Studio

Best social marketing software for professionals and large companies

Salesforce’s Social Studio offers a full set of social media software solutions for scheduling, publishing and reporting, with a social listening tool that finds mentions and conversations about your brand. They offer advanced analytics and AI tools that allow you to extract meaningful insights from your audience’s conversations. Given its price range, it’s more suitable as a corporate social media software solution for companies with multiple brands or products and large enterprises.

Key feature: You get consistent feedback for your social accounts across all your marketing, service, and sales campaigns.

Pricing: Social Studio pricing goes from $1,000/month for the Basic plan to $40,000/month for their Enterprise plan.

Drawback: Like HubSpot, Salesforce’s Social Studio is all-in-one social media suite that comes with a host of services, so you’ll be paying for the full package.

Suited for: Small and large businesses, enterprises.

17. Social Flow

Best social publishing platform for brands and media publishers

SocialFlow is a social media optimization app designed for brands and media publishers. The tool provides marketers with real-time data about consumers and their behaviors and is intended to help renowned publications such as National Geographic and New York Times grow their audiences and scale their titles. With its smart algorithm, publishers can ensure the right content is published at an optimum time and trending stories are shared right away. 

Key feature: Social distribution and monetization for publishers.

Pricing: Not provided by SocialFlow, you have to contact them for details.

Drawback: SocialFlow doesn’t offer the main social services like scheduling and publishing content.

Suited for: Brands and media publishers.

18. Later

#1 Social media post manager for Instagram

Later is an automated social networking Instagram management software that also allows you to plan and schedule posts for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Unlike other social media engagement tools, in Later you begin by uploading an image and only then create its caption. You can easily plan a week of Instagram posts in a matter of minutes and keep all of your Instagram content in one place. With Later, you can repost high quality user-generated content, find out what’s working with the analytics tools included, and make sales by creating a shoppable Instagram feed or linking to other websites and blog posts.

Key feature: Later’s most unique feature is its visual content calendar that allows you to plan your posts by dragging and dropping images to create the perfect Instagram feed.

Pricing: Later offers various affordable pricing plans, including a free social media organizer for individuals that includes free Facebook management tools. The other plans start from $7.5/month and go up to $49/month.

Drawback: If you don’t have a Business or Creator Instagram account, it can be quite difficult to set up Later to post directly to Instagram.

Suited for: Individuals, solopreneurs, small and medium businesses, agencies and large teams.

19. Loomly

Build a successful brand with your team

Loomly is an easy-to-use social media calendar. The tool comes with all the basic social media management and publishing features like automated publishing, recommended content, and live optimization tips. You can store all your assets in a dedicated library and measure your performance on each platform with their analytics tools. The main focus of their social manager app is on team collaboration.

Key feature: Find your ideal workflow with different calendar setups. 

Pricing: Loomly offers a variety of plans starting from $25/month and going up to $332/month for a premium plan, as well as a customizable plan for enterprises.

Drawback: Loomly is still a small platform, so you may find the interface being too basic and the overall product missing some more advanced social management features.

Suited for: Individuals, small and big businesses, enterprises.

20. MeetEdgar

Best software for scheduling social media posts on autopilot

MeetEdgar is one of the best social media scheduling apps that does all the hard work for you by automating posts and republishing old content. You just have to create the content, include it into various categories and choose the time slot you’d like the content to be published for a specific category and Edgar does the rest for you. Edgar automatically creates, shares, and reshares your content across social media and writes status updates for you from your articles or blog posts, by auto-generating different text versions. It also suggests content categories and times when it’s best to post.

Key feature: Edgar puts your evergreen content to great use, by constantly reposting and recycling your updates so that your initial content doesn’t go to waste.

Pricing: Up until recently they only had one plan at $49/month, but now they also offer Edgar Lite, a plan for freelancers, side hustlers, and growing brands at $19/month.

Drawback: The reporting tools are limited.

Suited for: Individuals and small businesses. 

21. Sprinklr

Best digital media suite for large teams

Sprinklr is one of the best social media apps for businesses with large teams and enterprises managing multiple accounts. It offers a suite of products for marketing, advertising, engagement, and research for enterprises that want to connect with their customers across all channels. Sprinklr’s advanced social listening tools cover 3 billion consumers, across 350 sources and 26 social channels. Social Care, their social inbox, helps you to build relationships with your customers through social interactions, and you can use the insights they provide you to create more customized content, engage customers and run better advertising campaigns.

Key feature: Easy interaction with customers through their modern Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform.

Pricing: Not disclosed.

Drawback: The interface is not user-friendly as compared to other platforms. User experience is not intuitive.

Suited for: Large teams and enterprises.

22. Zoho

The easiest way to manage your brands on social media

Zoho Social is one of the best social media sharing tools for agencies and businesses that allows you to collaborate and manage multiple social accounts and profiles in one place. It offers all the main social media management tools for scheduling, publishing and reporting. You can bulk schedule content with their intuitive publishing calendar that offers you a clean visual of your content.

Key feature: CRM integrations, in-depth reporting and Facebook lead ads.

Pricing: Zoho Social offers two types of plans for both individuals & businesses and agencies, starting at $10/month and going up to $400/month.

Drawback: User experience is not the greatest, it could be improved.

Suited for: Individuals, agencies and businesses.

23. SocialOomph

One of the best social media scheduling platforms to boost productivity 

SocialOomph is a Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter management tool, with a main focus on Twitter, offering the typical array of features like scheduling and analytics. You can schedule your tweets, monitor keywords, reuse drafts, and manage up to five Twitter accounts for free, but if you’re looking for more advanced social content management tools for multiple platforms, you’ll need one of the paid plans.

Key feature: You can schedule recurring updates that can be published at regular intervals and use the self-destruct function for Twitter and Facebook updates, which has them automatically deleted from your feed after a pre-set time.

Pricing: They offer a free social media scheduling software plan with unlimited scheduled posts and three other plans ranging from $15 to $55/month.

Drawback: The website looks a little messy and could use some restructuring and cleaning up.

Suited for: Individuals, agencies, small and medium businesses.


Applets for social media connection

IFTTT offers a suite of applets that help you automate a variety of actions on social media, like tweeting your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter, changing your Twitter profile pic when you update your Facebook one, archiving tweeted links to Google Drive, sharing new WordPress posts to Facebook, and syncing your Instagram photos to a Pinterest board. 

Key feature: Connecting social media platforms, apps and websites through a trigger and action system.

Pricing: IFTTT is free, but if you want to integrate it with one of your tools through API, you will have to pay a fixed price per connected user with the Team plan, a volume-based price with the Business plan and $199 per year with the Developer plan.

Drawback: It doesn’t offer the regular social media management services.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses.

25. Falcon.io

The Platform for Every Kind of Social Media Marketer

Falcon.io is a social media engagement software with analytics and customer experience management. It provides a collaborative calendar that allows you to create and organize posts, one social inbox for all channels and social analytics reports that can be merged with CRM data for a 360° view.

Key feature: Ability to monitor brand mentions across all platforms with one social media dashboard application.

Pricing: Falcon.io offers an essential pack starting at $129/month for single users and small teams, and a customizable full suite for larger companies.

Drawback: Their plans get a bit pricey.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses, agencies.

26. Post Planner

The low-cost social media tool that skyrockets engagement

The name says it. Post Planner is the best social media content planner that focuses on just that - content planning. While many social media content planning tools provide similar features that help you create, find and share content, they also usually come with a host of other social media support tools and features, which increases the cost a lot. By focusing solely on content planning, Post Planner manages to offer more affordable prices. The app works with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key feature: Pool of curated content at attainable prices.

Pricing: Prices start as low as $3/month and go up to $24/month.

Drawback: Using the application has quite a learning curveball and there have been some complaints about customer support.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses, agencies.

27. Postcron

The easiest way to coordinate social media posts

Like many others of its kind, Postcron is a program that posts to all social media, or at least the most popular ones: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can post photos and videos on Instagram, use the bulk uploader to auto post, and automatically add a watermark to your images. 

Key feature: Being able to automatically add a watermark to your photos saves you a lot of time.

Pricing: Postcron offers four plans starting at $8 and going up to $199/month.

Drawback: Postcron is a basic social management tool. If you need extra services, you won’t have them with Postcron.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses.

28. Reputation

Manage all your social media activities with ease and efficiency

Reputation’s Social Suite is a decent social tool that you can use for elementary social needs.

You can create and schedule content, curate and share quality content and campaigns, engage local communities, use local audiences to schedule impactful posts, and get new customers with Facebook ads. 

Key feature: Social listening tools and focus on local and regional reach.

Pricing: Not disclosed.

Drawback: Reputation’s social suite is part of a larger pack, so you won’t find the most advanced social tools.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses.

29. Oktopost

Best social media management software for B2B enterprises

Oktopost is a social media management platform for B2B enterprises that maximizes your potential to reach your B2B marketing goals by managing and assessing your social media activities. It has the usual scheduling, publishing and reporting tools, and gives you the possibility to allow your employees to share brand content on their social networks.

Key feature: Oktopost consistently pushes social media data to your marketing automation software so you can master your lead generation game.

Pricing: Not disclosed.

Drawback: The interface is not intuitive.

Suited for: Businesses, enterprises.

30. Planable

One of the easiest to use social media planning platforms

Planable is a visually pleasant social calendar. With Planable, you can create content and get it approved much faster (6 times faster, according to them), preview Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, and easily respond to post feedback. 

Key feature: Easy team collaboration.

Pricing: Planable offers a free plan with unlimited workspaces and users, a customizable enterprise plan, and two other plans at $39 and $99/month when paid on a monthly basis.

Drawback: User interface is not intuitive.

Suited for: Individuals, businesses.

Okay, so I know that was a lot and you might be feeling confused at this point — and rightfully so — a lot of the most popular social media management tools have similar features and it’s hard to differentiate between them and find the one that fits perfectly. 

So let’s make a short recap and answer a few questions:

What are the best free social media management tools in 2021?

There aren’t many free social media planning tools out there that offer a high-quality service. In fact, the most popular ones usually come with a high price tag, but some of them do offer free limited plans. These are the most popular social media management tools with free versions: Hootsuite, Buffer, CrowdFire, Tailwind, Later, SocialOomph, IFTTT, and Planable.

What are the best social media apps for businesses?

Any of the social media management tools we’ve covered in this post would be suitable for businesses. It depends a lot on the size of your company and the specific features you’re looking for. If you’re an enterprise, these apps would be the most suitable: Hootsuite, Social Pilot, Sendible, eClincher, ContentCal, Agorapulse, MavSocial, HubSpot, Salesforce Social Studio, Loomly, Sprinklr, Oktopost, and Planable, but not exclusively. If you’re a small business, read the question below.

What are the best social media management tools for small businesses?

Almost all the social media management tools we’ve covered in this post are suitable for small businesses, but maybe you should take a closer look at these ones: Iconosquare, Sendible, eClincher, CrowdFire, SocialHub, Tailwind, ContentCal, Agorapulse, MavSocial, HubSpot, Salesforce Social Studio, Later, Loomly, MeetEdgar, SocialOomph, Falcon.io.

What is the best social media management software for agencies?

Most of the social media management tools we’ve presented are suitable for agencies, but here are the most popular ones: Hootsuite, Social Pilot, Iconosquare, Buffer, Sendible, eClincher, CrowdFire, CoSchedule, SocialHub, Tailwind, ContentCal, Agorapulse, MavSocial, Later, Zoho, SocialOomph, Falcon.io, Post Planner.

What is the best Facebook management tool?

A lot of the social community management tools handle Facebook posting and scheduling, but there are a few ones that shine more than others when it comes to this platform. Here are the best Facebook scheduling tools: Iconosquare, SocialHub, Agorapulse, Later, Zoho, SocialOomph, Post Planner, Postcron, Reputation, and Planable. 

Have you found your favorite one yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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