Most Stylish TikTok Fashion Trends of 2024

TikTok fashion trends

Fashion videos on TikTok have taken the world by storm in 2024, transforming how we find style inspiration. From sleek, modern looks to nostalgic ’90s vibes, TikTok users are constantly showcasing fresh outfit ideas. Whether it’s seasonal wardrobes, city-specific styles, or just creative ensemble ideas, these trends reflect a dynamic mix of cultures and eras. Join us as we explore the most stylish TikTok fashion trends of the year, celebrating the creativity and diversity that make this platform a global style hub.

Hottest TikTok Fashion Trends in 2024

  1. ’90s Inspired Outfits
  2. AHS Style
  3. Summer Outfit Filter
  4. Week of Summer Outfits
  5. Holiday Fits
  6. Styling My Boyfriend
  7. Wearing vs. Styling
  8. Fit vs. Look
  9. City-Specific Fashion
  10. Cut Your T-Shirts
  11. Outfit Inspo
  12. Change of Style

1. ’90s Inspired Outfits

Sounds: original sound – retq, Soon as I Get Home – Faith Evans

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The ’90s are back in a big way, and TikTok fashionistas are embracing the era with open arms. From grunge to glam, these nostalgic looks are all over our feeds, proving that the decade’s iconic styles are timeless. Let’s dive into some of the most popular ’90s-inspired outfits making waves this year.

2. AHS Style

Sounds: Killing Me Softly With His Song – Fugees, som original – ciel, original sound – 💌

Hashtags: #ahs, #style, #ootd, #outfitinspo, #jewelry, #tyladance, #tylatrend, #streetwear

The “AHS style” or American High Street trend is making waves this year, offering a fresh twist on classic streetwear. Think of it as a blend of urban chic and casual cool, featuring oversized hoodies, graphic tees, sleek joggers, and trendy sneakers. This look is all about comfort and effortless style, perfect for those who want to stay on-trend without sacrificing ease. With bold logos, vibrant colors, and a mix of high and low fashion pieces, the AHS style captures the essence of modern American street culture, making it a favorite among TikTok’s fashion-forward crowd.

3. Summer Outfit Filter

Sounds: original sound – Heather | vlogs | outfit inspo

Hashtags: #outfitgenerator, #outfitoftheday, #ootd, #outfitinspo, #pinterestaesthetic, #summeroutfits, #summer2024

This creator uses an outfit generator filter to pick one item per round and then combine them, but all of the items are so cute it’s hard to eliminate pieces of clothing and you end up wanting to include them all in your summer outfit. Try it out for yourself, it’s very fun to get fashion inspiration and then you can go and thrift for similar items that you can put together.

4. Week of Summer Outfits

Sounds: original sound – EX7STENCE™, belly conklin x brazil – gracie

Hashtags: #summer, #ootd, #outfits, #style, #summervibes, #summeroutfitinspo, #summerclothes

In a similar vein as the one above, this trend is all about summer outfits, but tried on instead of just a filter. The “Week of Summer Outfits” showcases a variety of looks for each day, from beach-ready bikinis to breezy sundresses and chic evening wear. TikTok users share their favorite summer styles, demonstrating how to mix and match pieces to create versatile, weather-appropriate ensembles. This trend is a goldmine for anyone looking to refresh their summer wardrobe with practical and stylish outfit ideas that are perfect for sunny days and warm nights.


summer outfit inspo🫐🫐 all from white fox😊 use DEMETRATT for 30% off during their june sale🤗🤗 @White Fox Boutique #whitefoxpartner #summervibes #summeroutfitinspo #summerclothes

♬ belly conklin x brazil – gracie

5. Holiday Fits

Sounds: original sound – EX7STENCE™, Ed Goacher confessions clothing – Ed Goacher, original sound – 🪐💫✨

Hashtags: #holiday, #holidayfits, #bestfriend, #fitcheck, #outfitinspo, #coupleoutfit, #couplesoutfits, #holidayoutfits, #fashiontiktok, #vacationfits

The “Vacation Fits” trend on TikTok is all about showcasing the best holiday outfits over multiple days. Whether it’s couples coordinating their beachwear, friends flaunting their festival gear, families in matching vacation tees, or solo travelers styling their way through new cities, this trend highlights the creativity and fun of dressing up for a getaway. Each video offers a glimpse into the wardrobe choices that make vacations memorable, featuring everything from swimwear and sundresses to evening attire and adventure-ready outfits. It’s a perfect source of inspiration for planning your own stylish holiday looks.

6. Styling My Boyfriend

Sounds: original sound – ꜰɪɪʀᴍᴇᴏʟᴅɪᴇꜱ✩, original sound – Braylon, original sound – _4mensfashion

Hashtags: #boystyle#mensclothing, #stylingideas, #stylingoutfits, #stylingmybf#dressup, #summermenswear, #menfashion#styletips#outfitideas, #outfitinspo

The “Styling My Boyfriend” trend is very popular on TikTok right now, with users transforming their partners’ wardrobes into fashion-forward statements. Whether it’s girlfriends showcasing their styling skills, individuals sharing how they envision dressing their boyfriends, or men offering tips and outfit ideas for each other, this trend is all about creativity and fun. Expect to see a mix of casual looks, smart-casual ensembles, and even some daring fashion choices. It’s a delightful blend of personal expression and relationship dynamics, offering endless inspiration for those looking to elevate their boyfriend’s style game.


Send this to “that guy” Men’s outfit upgrade. #menfashion #styletips #outfitideas

♬ original sound – Braylon

7. Wearing vs. Styling

Sounds: original sound – OFFSET, Like That – o0o0ox1

Hashtags: #wearingvsstyling#stylingvswearing, #fashiontiktok, #streetwear

The “Wearing vs. Styling” trend on TikTok highlights the transformative power of thoughtful accessorizing. This trend showcases the difference between simply putting on clothes and truly styling an outfit with accessories, jewelry, bags, and hairstyles. Users demonstrate how a basic look can be elevated by adding the right finishing touches, from statement necklaces and chic handbags to stylish hats and on-point hairstyles. It’s a masterclass in the art of fashion, showing that the details make all the difference in creating a polished, standout look.


i put that shit on now. you peep how that style rare. wearing vs styling #wearingvsstyling #stylingvswearing #fashiontiktok #streetwear

♬ original sound – OFFSET

wearing vs styling your clothes ✨🫶🏼

♬ Like That – o0o0ox1

8. Fit vs. Look

Sounds: original sound – Braden 🎧

Hashtags: #outfit, #fit, #streetwear#thrift, #fashioninfluencer, #2024fashiontrends

In this trend, a TikTok creator dives into the nuances between a “fit” and a “look.” A “fit” refers to how you combine your clothes and accessories—a practical approach to dressing that focuses on coordination and style. In contrast, a “look” is a step beyond, embodying creative expression and imagination. It’s about telling a story or making a statement through your fashion choices. This trend emphasizes that while a fit keeps you stylish, a look lets your individuality and artistic flair shine through, transforming your outfit into a unique expression of who you are.


Fashion rule number 1 📝 #calm #outfit #fit #streetwear #thrift #fashiontrends2023 #fashioninfluencer @Wisdom Kaye @Wisdom Kaye @baguette @trentin @dnieccio

♬ original sound – Braden 🎧

9. City-Specific Fashion

Sounds: original sound – Stevie (slash’s version), You Know How We Do It – OMA, Just A Girl – No Doubt

Hashtags: #ootd#styleinspo#outfitideas#nyc, #fashion, #newyorkcityfashion#tokyofashion, #streetstyle#outfitinspo, #streetstyleinspo, #milanfashion, #whatpeoplearewearing

This trend highlights city-specific fashion, giving us a glimpse into the unique styles of different urban landscapes. From the flowy skirts and vibrant prints seen in New York to the effortlessly chic outfits worn by Parisian women, TikTok users are showcasing how fashion varies across cities. Each video celebrates the distinct flair of a city’s street style, offering inspiration and a virtual tour of global fashion hotspots. Whether it’s the bold, eclectic looks of Tokyo or the laid-back elegance of Milan, this trend captures the essence of urban fashion around the world.

10. Cut Your T-Shirts

Sounds: DEVIL IS A LIE – Tommy Richman

Hashtags: #fashioninspo, #summerfit, #outfit

Cropped shirts and t-shirts have never truly went away, but they come back every decade with a reinvented look or one that circles back from a few decades ago. We’re currently seeing a mix of both tight tops and cropped baggy t-shirts in popular trends, but it’s all about how you style them that makes them current and like it’s not just an outfit copied from the past. This video is here to remind you to crop your old t-shirts and transform them into new trendy pieces for your wardrobe.

11. Outfit Inspo

Sounds: Tshwala Bam (feat. S.N.E) [Remix] – TitoM & Yuppe & Burna Boy, original sound – holabiches_

Hashtags: #grwm#fashion, #streetwear, #streetstyle, #fashiontiktok#outfit, #outfitinspo, #outfitrepeater

The “Outfit Inspo” trend on TikTok is a go-to for anyone seeking fresh fashion ideas. Users share a wide variety of looks, from casual day-to-day wear to glam evening ensembles. This trend is all about sparking creativity, offering endless inspiration for updating your wardrobe. Whether you need ideas for work, weekends, or special occasions, “Outfit Inspo” features stylish combinations, highlighting different clothing pieces, accessories, and ways to mix and match. These fashion TikToks are a treasure trove of fashion tips and tricks that can help you elevate your personal style effortlessly.

12. Change of Style

Sounds: orijinal ses – ElevationLycris

Hashtags: #outfitideas#fashiontok, #styleinspo, #classy

The next trend is all about style transformation, reflecting how our fashion choices evolve over time. These TikToks showcase personal journeys of changing styles, highlighting that fashion is not meant to be stagnant. As we grow, our preferences shift and our tastes improve with experience. This trend celebrates the dynamic nature of style, encouraging viewers to embrace change and experiment with new looks. Whether it’s a subtle update or a complete overhaul, these transformations remind us that evolving our style is a natural and exciting part of life.

Wrapping up our look at the most stylish TikTok fashion trends of 2024, it’s clear that creativity and individuality are at the forefront of this vibrant platform. From nostalgic ’90s looks to city-specific styles, TikTok users continue to push the boundaries of fashion, making it an endless source of inspiration. If you enjoyed exploring these fashion trends, be sure to check out our other TikTok-related articles on the latest TikTok makeup trends and the hottest sexy TikTok trends. Keep scrolling, stay stylish, and let TikTok be your guide to the best in fashion and beyond.