Who Has The Most Followers on TikTok in 2024 and What Do They Post

Who Has The Most Followers on TikTok in 2024

Ever since it was released in 2016, TikTok has taken the world by storm. 

Creators from all over the world have rushed in to show their creativity in the form of short 15-second to 3-minute videos. The platform now has over 1 billion monthly active users, and users worldwide spend almost an entire day per month on the platform (23.3 hours per month in 2023). 

But who has the most followers on TikTok and what do they post? What are TikTok followers more attracted to?

I’m sure if you’re at all familiar with TikTok, you’re going to start envisioning teenagers dancing and lip-syncing to trendy songs. And you’re right, some of the most famous TikTokers are indeed teenagers dancing and lip-syncing to catchy tunes. 

But not all.

We also have a few celebrities like Jason Derulo, Will Smith, The Rock, and Selena Gomez sprinkled among the top TikTokers, an illusionist, a chef, a beatboxer, and a few comedians. 

But I know not everyone is suited to everyone, so in this article, we will find out not only who has the most followers on TikTok, but also what they post, what they’re all about, and if you should follow them or not based on your needs and preferences. 

So let’s check it out. Who has the most followers on TikTok in 2024? 

TikTok Account OwnerFollower CountProfessionPosting Frequency
1Khabane Lame161.8 millionSocial media personalityDaily or every 2 days
2Charli D’Amelio152.2 millionDancer and social media personality1 to 3 days, frequently multiple times a day
3Bella Poarch93.9 millionSocial media personality and singerEvery 2-3 days, frequently multiple times a day
4MrBeast93.7 millionSocial media personalityEvery 2 to 5 days
5Addison Rae88.6 millionSinger, dancer, and social media personalityTypically 2-3 days, frequently multiple times a day
6Zach King81.2 millionFilmmaker, illusionist, and social media personality2 or 3 times a week
7Kimberly Loaiza80.9 millionSinger and social media personalityTypically daily, frequently multiple times a day
8TikTok79.8 millionSocial media platform2-3 times a week, sometimes less, sometimes more
9Burak Özdemir74.9 millionSocial media personalityDaily, frequently multiple times a day 
10The Rock74.2 millionActor and former wrestlerTypically weekly or fortnightly, sometimes more often
11Will Smith74.1 millionActor and rapperAbout once a week, sometimes less, sometimes more
12Dominik Lipa73.3 millionSocial media personalityEvery 2-3 days, sometimes multiple times a day
13BTS64.3 millionK-pop bandInfrequently, once a month, sometimes every few months, sometimes more often
14Selena Gomez58.8 millionSinger and actressEvery 4-5 days, sometimes more often or rarer
15Jason Derulo58.7 millionSinger-songwriter and dancerEvery 2-3 days, sometimes multiple times a day
16Dixie D’Amelio56.3 millionSinger and social media personalityEvery few days to 2 weeks, sometimes multiple times a day
17Kylie Jenner55.8 millionSocialite and media personalityEvery few days or weeks
18Spencer Polanco Knight54.8 millionBeatboxer and social media personality2-3 times a week, sometimes less, sometimes more
19Younes Zarou54.5 millionSocial media personalityDaily
20Bayashi54.2 millionSocial media personalityFrequently
21Loren Gray53.9 millionSinger, dancer, and social media personality  personalityEvery 2-5 days, sometimes multiple times a day
22Alina Kim (HOMA)53 million Social media personalityMultiple times a day
23Willie Salim52.5 millionSocial media personalityUsually a couple of times a week, sometimes multiple times a day
24Karol G51.8 millionSingerUsually a couple a times a week, sometimes multiple times a day
25Michael Le51.7 millionDancer and social media personalityUsed to post daily, now about 2 to 3 times a week or less
26Billie Eilish51 millionSinger-songwriterRarely, about once a month
27Kris Collins50.7 millionSocial media personality and comedianEvery 2-3 days, often daily
28Blackpink47.9 millionSouth Korean girl bandTypically every few days, but sometimes they don’t post for weeks
29Brent Rivera47.6 millionActor and social media personalityEvery 2-4 days
30Riyaz Aly46.3 millionActor and social media personalityDaily, multiple times a day. Hasn’t posted since June 2020.

Top 30 Most Famous TikTokers in 2024

1. Khabane Lame

Khabane Lame TikTok

Username: @khaby.lame

Number of followers: 161.8 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Italy

Best known for: His comedy on TikTok and becoming the most followed TikTok account as of June 22, 2022. Khaby was born in Senegal but lives in Italy, where he had been working as a machine operator in a factory before the pandemic. He got laid off at the beginning of the pandemic and created his TikTok account, which soon became huge, and is now at no. 1 after only two years. Khaby posts sarcastic comedy skits where he makes fun of other people who are unnecessarily complicating simple tasks. He makes fun of TikTok videos that many of us find annoying in a simple non-mocking way, and that’s why people love him. He states the obvious for all the rest of us so that we don’t have to. People appreciate the comedic relief and feel like they gain back some of the brain cells they lost by watching many of the other top TikTokers’ videos. For example, in one of his TikTok videos, he makes fun of a girl using her teeth to peel a cucumber simply by showing himself using a normal peeler, and then simply pointing to the peeler and shaking his head in disbelief.  

Why not follow: While many TikTok users find Khaby’s videos very funny given that he is the creator with the most followers on TikTok and 2.4 billion likes, his comedic style may not be for you if you’re not a fan of simple sarcasm. In my experience, it is enough to watch just a couple of his videos to tell if Khaby’s sense of humor is suited to your tastes. 

2. Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio TikTok

Username: @charlidamelio

Number of followers: 152.2 million

Profession: Dancer and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Her dancing and being the former queen of TikTok. Charli had held her number one spot on TikTok since March 2020, when she surpassed Loren Gray, another TikTok dancing queen. Now, she’s at number two, slightly behind Khaby Lame, and way ahead of number three, who has “only” 93 million followers. It only makes sense that one of the people in the top three most followed TikTok accounts is a dancer. I don’t know what you think about when you think about TikTok, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of TikTok is teenagers dancing. And that’s exactly what Charli D’Amelio does. Before starting her TikTok account, Charli was a competitive dancer for over ten years. Now, she mostly posts videos of herself dancing to popular tracks and has 152.2 million TikTok followers and a total of 11 billion likes. Why do people love her so much? Because they feel she’s relatable and authentic. According to HypeAuditor, most of her TikTok audience (72.4%) is female, especially teenagers and young women in their early twenties. Teenage girls follow her because she’s a girl just like them having fun, dancing to their favorite tunes, and putting on makeup, which is something they can relate to and connect with, while boys follow her because, well, she’s a pretty teenage girl with a beautiful body dancing. 

Why not follow her: If watching a teenage girl dancing is not your cup of tea or is the main reason why you’re not on TikTok, don’t follow Charli D’Amelio. If you need content with a little more substance or something a little more entertaining, consider following other famous TikTokers like Zach King, Kris Collins, or Khabane Lame. You should also know that people have heavily criticized Charli for becoming famous for a dance called Renegade that she didn’t credit to the original creator, Jalaiah Harmon, until much later when people wouldn’t stop complaining about it. So if it bothers you that the most followed person on TikTok became famous by copying someone else’s work and not giving credit to it, you may want to look elsewhere. 

3. Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch TikTok

Username: @bellapoarch

Number of followers: 93.9 million

Profession: Social media personality and singer

Country: USA

Best known for: Her lip-syncing and lively facial expressions. Bella was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. with her adoptive family when she was 13. She joined the military to escape her abusive adoptive parents and served for 4 years in the United States Navy. She started actively posting on TikTok in April 2020 and gained people’s attention in August 2020 when she posted the most liked TikTok video. The video shows her zoomed-in face lip-syncing and rhythmically bouncing to British rapper Millie B.’s song “Soph Aspin Send”, and has garnered 65 million likes, making it the most viral video on TikTok. People were impressed by her very controlled and animated facial expressions and the fact that she looked like a real-life anime character. Bella also released her debut single “Build a Bitch” in May 2021.

Why not follow: Unlike many other girls on TikTok like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae who are famous for their dancing, Bella Poarch focuses more on lip-syncing and using intense facial expressions, so if you’re more into the dancing side of TikTok, her account may not be ideal for you.  

4. MrBeast

MrBeast TikTok

Username: @MrBeast

Number of followers: 93.7 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is a powerhouse of internet culture known for his grandiose stunts and philanthropy on YouTube. Born on May 7, 1998, in Wichita, Kansas, and now based in Greenville, North Carolina, he started gaining significant attention when he began posting videos that featured massive giveaways and donations, such as “Generously Gifting $10,000 to a Random Homeless Individual.” This distinct blend of entertainment and generosity has garnered him a massive following with over 246 million subscribers and a staggering 45 billion overall views on YouTube​​.

On TikTok, MrBeast has replicated his success from YouTube, becoming the 4th most-followed account with 93.7 million followers and nearly 910 million likes! Wow! His rapid ascent in followers suggests that he might become the biggest content creator on the platform in the near future​.

Beyond his internet fame, MrBeast has also used his influence to drive significant social and environmental initiatives. He has raised $20 million to plant 20 million trees and removed 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean, among other projects. These accomplishments have not only amplified his popularity but also showcased his commitment to making a positive impact on the world​​.

In addition to his content creation and philanthropy, MrBeast has also ventured into entrepreneurial activities. He capitalizes on his popularity by promoting his own food brands, like MrBeast Burger and Feastables chocolate bars, connecting with fans through both his content and product offerings​.

Why not follow: MrBeast is a great philanthropist and he’s helped a lot of people with his challenges or games where the winner gets money or very expensive objects or real estate, but if you’re not interested in over-the-top gestures his channel might not be for you.

5. Addison Rae

Addison Rae TikTok

Username: @addisonre

Number of followers: 88.6 million

Profession: Singer, dancer, and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Her dancing and being the new face of clothing retailer American Eagle. Addison has become one of the biggest TikTok stars due to her dancing and lip-syncing videos. She has since launched her first single, “Obsessed”, appeared on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, launched a Spotify podcast with her mom called “Mama Knows Best”, and starred in the movie “He’s All That” at the end of 2021. According to Forbes, in August 2020 she was the highest-earning TikTok star, with $5 million earned up to that point from brand deals and her own makeup line. People love Addison for always having a smile on her face, her dancing skills, and her undeniable beauty.

Why not follow: Many people have complained about Addison using a clear plastic shield over her face instead of a mask during the pandemic while attending Jimmy Fallon’s show. Some people have also accused her of using blackface, while other people defended her saying they were just filters. Btw, here is an article about how to remove TikTok filters from your videos, in case you need to know.

6. Zach King

Zach King TikTok

Username: @zachking

Number of followers: 81.2 million

Profession: Filmmaker, illusionist, and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Using clever editing and tricks to turn his videos into illusions. Zach King is a filmmaker and illusionist who started his career on YouTube in 2008, moved over to Vine in 2013, and then to TikTok in 2016. People love Zach King for the amount of creativity, production, and work that goes behind his illusion videos, and for the little bit of magic and wonder it brings into their lives. TikTok users love that King also shows the behind-the-scenes to his illusion videos, letting people in on the secrets of his “magic tricks”.  

Why not follow: If you’re not a fan of magic or illusions, Zach King’s TikTok account may not be for you. However, many users who are not usually into magic feel that what he brings to the table is quite special and they love seeing the editing and production that goes into creating these illusions. 

7. Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Loaiza TikTok

Username: @kimberly.loaiza

Number of followers: 80.9 million

Profession: Singer and social media personality

Country: Mexico

Best known for: Being a very popular Mexican YouTuber, with 80.9 million subscribers. She posts vlogs, challenges, tags, and tutorials on her Spanish YouTube channel and went viral for the first time with a couple’s Yoga challenge video. She is also very popular on Instagram, where she has almost 39 million followers, and has also released a few successful singles in 2019 and 2020. On TikTok, followers admire her dancing and sketches. 

Why not follow: While many people love Kim for being beautiful, confident, and funny, some TikTok users have criticized her for undergoing plastic surgeries and becoming just another fake Instagram model. 

8. TikTok

TikTok official account

Username: @tiktok

Number of followers: 79.8 million

Profession: Social media platform

Country: USA

Best known for: Being one of the most popular video-sharing social media platforms, with 1.1 billion users. TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance and is the international version of the Chinese app Douyin. TikTok creators post short-form videos on the platform in a variety of different fields and genres like music, dancing, comedy, magic, medicine, and education. The length of a TikTok video used to be between 15 and 60 seconds, but starting from July 2021 TikTok increased its maximum video length to 3 minutes. 

Why not follow: While many people love TikTok, TikTok’s own account may be a different story. On their own TikTok account, TikTok posts mostly about the events organized by them and about their creators, so if you’re looking for more direct content from TikTok creators, this account may not be suited to your needs. 

9. Burak Özdemir

Burak Özdemir TikTok

Username: @cznburak

Number of followers: 74.9 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Turkey

Best known for: Burak Özdemir, by his popular name of CZN Burak, is a chef and restaurateur from Turkey, best known for the giant portions of Turkish and Middle Eastern foods he prepares, as well as the giant grin he has while he’s cooking. The chef became popular after 9GAG reposted a video of him cooking a giant-sized kebab using giant utensils. People love his smile, as well as his quick chopping skills and dough-rolling techniques. 

Why not follow: If you don’t normally enjoy cooking videos, Burak’s account is not suitable for you.

10. The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock TikTok

Username: @therock

Number of followers: 74.2 million

Profession: Actor and former wrestler

Country: USA

Best known for: Being a much-loved American actor, producer, businessman, former professional wrestler, and most recently even a hip-hop singer. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has wrestled for 8 years and is now one of the highest-paid actors. People love him because he is very charismatic, kind, and down-to-earth. The Rock’s TikTok account has all sorts of videos of him working out, lip-syncing to his own hip-hop song with Tech N9ne called “Face Off”, promoting different campaigns, and just generally being the funny guy that he is, inspiring and motivating people to do better.  

Why not follow: If you’re not a fan of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, it might be better not to follow him.

11. Will Smith

Will Smith TikTok

Username: @willsmith

Number of followers: 74.1 million

Profession: Actor and rapper

Country: USA

Best known for: His acting, music, and sense of humor. Will Smith has starred in many movies like “Bad Boys”, “Men in Black”, “Independence Day”, and the TV series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, has been nominated for 2 Oscars and 5 Golden Globes, and has won 4 Grammys. People especially love him for his action comedies, and now he gets to show off some of that comedic gene on TikTok, as he has become one of the most famous TikTokers. While his celebrity friend Jason Derulo has seen much more rapid growth on TikTok in 2020 (469% compared to Will’s 212%), Will Smith still has the most followers on TikTok out of the two (74.1 vs. 58.7 million as of March 2024). 

Why not follow: Some people might find Will Smith a little outdated. His TikTok seems to capture some of the 90’s magic combined with today’s modern vibes and technology, so if you’re not a fan of that or of his self-deprecating sense of humor, you should consider not following. 

12. Dominik Lipa

Dominik Lipa TikTok

Username: @domelipa

Number of followers: 73.3 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Mexico

Best known for: Dominik Lipa is a Mexican 20-year-old best known for her choreographed lip-sync and dancing videos. She won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award in September 2021 and is part of the Strangers Team and CheliHouse, which are collectives for Mexican and Colombian TikTokers. Her TikTok fans appreciate her lip-syncing and dancing videos choreographed mostly to Spanish-speaking songs. 

Why not follow: If you’re not into the dancing and lip-syncing TikTok scene, this account is not best suited for you. 

13. BTS

BTS TikTok

Username: @bts_official_bighit

Number of followers: 64.3 million

Profession: K-pop band

Country: South Korea

Best known for: Being the most loved K-pop boy band, with a huge following of almost religiously loyal fans. They have won a ton of accolades, one of the most notable ones being that they’ve managed to reach four number-one albums in the US in under 2 years, a record broken by very few groups since The Beatles. Their TikTok account is mostly videos of themselves dancing, singing, signing autographs, playing challenges, and just fooling around. If you’re a BTS fan, that’s obviously your place to be.  

Why not follow: The BTS TikTok account may not be for you if you’re not a BTS fan.

14. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez TikTok

Username: @selenagomez

Number of followers: 58.8 million

Profession: Singer and actress

Country: United States

Best known for: Her singing and acting career. Selena Gomez got her first acting role in the children’s TV series “Barney & Friends” when she was only 10 but truly rose to fame at 15 with her lead role in the TV series “Wizards of Waverly Place” (2007-2012). She later appeared on the big screen as well, in movies like “Another Cinderella Story”, “Ramona and Beezus”, and “Spring Breakers”. She also launched a production company called July Moonhead Productions, under the name of which Selena executively produced the Netflix TV series “13 Reasons Why” (2017-2020) and “Living Undocumented” (2019). She is also the executive producer of the HBO Max cooking series “Selena + Chef”, and the Hulu series “Only Murders in the Building”, where she stars alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short. This last series got her a nomination for “Best Actress in a Comedy Series” at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Selena has done very well in her music career as well, with three solo studio albums debuting atop the “Billboard 200”, three albums with her band reaching the top ten in the US “Billboard 200”, and her 2021 Spanish EP “Revelación” getting a Grammy nomination for “Best Latin Pop Album”. Her most famous singles include “Hands to Myself”, “Come & Get It”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, and “Lose You to Lose Me”, which was her first number-one song. Selena sold seven million albums, was named “Woman of the Year” by Billboard in 2017, and one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time magazine in 2020. She has also recently launched her own make-up brand called “Rare Beauty”, and has worked with charities and UNICEF since she was a teenager. 

Why not follow: Her TikTok account is a mix of beautifully executed voiceover tiktoks, make-up tutorials, and clips from movie sets and music videos. People love Selena because she is relatable, and displays this charming sassiness and goofiness. In my opinion, she is more real than many other girls on TikTok, and her videos where she does voiceovers over sounds created by others are really good, so I suggest giving it a go and seeing if her content is something you’re looking for. There’s no reason I can think of for not following her other than you don’t like her — which I think is highly unlikely — or her content is just not for you, but I suggest watching a few videos and seeing for yourself. 

15. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo TikTok

Username: @jasonderulo

Number of followers: 58.7 million

Profession: Singer-songwriter and dancer

Country: USA

Best known for: His music and dancing, and as of 2020, being the king of TikTok, as many people have started to call him. Derulo’s TikTok account has seen a massive increase, going from 6 million followers in March 2020 to 52 million in March 2022, being the fastest-growing TikTok account among already-established celebrities. In fact, Derulo has dived so deep into mastering the art of TikTok that he’s actually writing a book on social media strategy. What people like most about Jason Derulo’s TikTok is his creativity and sense of humor, the ability to participate in athletic challenges and stunts, and the special effects he uses, as well as his music and dancing. People also love his Milli Meals, which are meals he creates typically from a unique combination of snack foods to celebrate every million TikTok followers he gains. Jason has also created a superhero character, Uzo, whom he wrote a graphic novel about and plans to turn into a movie franchise. 

Why not follow: While many people find Jason Derulo’s TikTok content original and entertaining, some people feel he is too corny and over-the-top with his stunts and food creations. Also, if you’re not a fan of Jason Derulo’s music, his account may not be ideal for you, as he uses his music quite frequently as background for his videos. 

16. Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio TikTok

Username: @dixiedamelio

Number of followers: 56.3 million

Profession: Singer and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Being Charli D’Amelio’s elder sister and a singer. Dixie launched her TikTok account and singing career after her little sister’s TikTok account gained popularity. She has released a few singles that she includes in her TikTok videos, like “One Whole Day”, featuring Wiz Khalifa, and “Psycho”, featuring rapper Rubi Rose. TikTok users love her catchy singles and they love her for being relatable, just like her sister. Unlike Charli, however, she mostly posts videos of herself lip-syncing to her music rather than dancing videos.  

Why not follow: If you’re not into watching a teenager lip-syncing to her own songs or trying to do cool dance moves like her sister, consider not following Dixie D’Amelio. People have also complained about her being rude multiple times.

17. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner TikTok

Username: @kyliejenner

Number of followers: 55.8 million

Profession: Socialite and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Kylie Jenner, a ubiquitous figure in contemporary pop culture, first gained fame from her family’s hit reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”​​. Her prominence has only grown with her savvy use of social media platforms, including TikTok, where she engages with millions by sharing her life, promoting her businesses, and posting beauty tutorials​.

She’s revered for her entrepreneurial spirit, having founded the highly successful Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, which propelled her to financial heights rare for someone her age​. However, her life is not without controversy; her claimed “self-made” billionaire status and personal choices are subjects of public debate​​.

Despite the controversies, or perhaps because of them, Kylie’s every move is a point of fascination for many, blending seamlessly with the trends and tumults of celebrity culture​. In essence, Kylie Jenner’s multifaceted presence as a socialite, businesswoman, and influencer makes her a persistent subject of adoration and criticism in the digital age​.

Why not follow: If you’re not interested in Kylie’s brand and business endeavors, her TikTok channel is not for you.

18. Spencer Polanco Knight

Spencer Polanco Knight TikTok

Username: @spencerx

Number of followers: 54.8 million

Profession: Beatboxer and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Spencer Polanco Knight, or Spencer X, is best known for his fast-paced beatboxing. Spencer has had an inclination towards music since he was a child and experimented with percussion, bass, and the trumpet. He was later introduced to beatboxing by a friend and was completely hooked. He first caught people’s attention in 2014 with his YouTube video called “One Beatboxer, 14 Genres”, and has since collaborated with famous musicians like Alicia Keys, Marshmello, and Sean Kingston.  

Why not follow: People love Spencer X for his beatboxing skills and being a down-to-earth guy, but if you’re not a fan of beatboxing yourself, consider not following his account. 

19. Younes Zarou

Younes Zarou TikTok

Username: @youneszarou

Number of followers: 54.5 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Germany

Best known for: Younes Zarou is a German 25-year-old TikToker best known for his illusions. Younes gets creative with special photo and video effects that he uses to create illusions. People love Younes not only for the resulting beautiful imagery and videography but also because he shares the secrets behind his tricks as well. Although some of them are not as easy to recreate without someone else’s help, most of them are, and TikTok users love to get inspired by his videos and come up with their own creations and recreations.  

Why not follow: If you’re not a fan of illusions and special effects, Younes Zarou’s account is not for you. If, however, you’re aesthetically inclined and just love beautiful things, I believe it’s worth checking out this TikTok account.

20. Bayashi

Bayashi TikTok

Username: @bayashi.tiktok

Number of followers: 54.2 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Japan

Best known for: Bayashi is a renowned food influencer and chef from Japan, celebrated for his cooking videos and ASMR content on TikTok under the username @bayashi.tiktok. Born on September 5, 1988, he has made a significant impact by showcasing authentic Japanese cooking tutorials, which not only teach how to prepare delicious dishes but also provide insights into Japanese culture​.

With over 54 million followers on TikTok and substantial followings on other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, Bayashi continues to share his passion for food, emphasizing fresh and healthy ingredients. His popularity is not just due to his social media presence; he has also been recognized with a TikTok Creator Award in 2021 for his engaging content. Additionally, he has a personal connection to food through his family, which runs an apple orchard called Bayashi Farm in Japan​​.

Why not follow: If you don’t like a lot of handling of raw meat and sometimes awkward, although creative, cooking methods, then other food TikTok accounts might be more suitable for you.

21. Loren Gray

Loren Gray TikTok

Username: @lorengray

Number of followers: 53.9 million

Profession: Singer, dancer, and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Being the former queen of TikTok and the most followed person on TikTok from March 2019 to March 2020, when she was dethroned by Charli D’Amelio. Loren is best known for her singing, dancing, and makeup videos on TikTok. So far, she has released 9 solo singles and 5 collaborations with other artists, as well as appeared in a few music videos, including one for Taylor Swift. She also has a beauty YouTube channel with 3.66 million subscribers and launched her own jewelry brand at the end of 2020. Followers generally like Loren because she’s beautiful, has a positive attitude, calls her fans angels, and has overcome a sexual assault when she was young.  

Why not follow: A common reason for dissatisfaction among TikTok followers is Loren using too much makeup and setting unrealistic beauty standards for young girls. While Loren looks pretty without make-up as well, she’s almost unrecognizable, a totally different person, which might send a message of lack of self-acceptance to young girls and women.

22. Alina Kim (HOMA)

Alina Kim (HOMA) TikTok

Username: @homm9k

Number of followers: 53 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Kazakhstan

Best known for: Her lip-sync performances and dancing videos. Alina Kim, known to her followers as Homa or homm9k, regularly posts dance choreographies with her friends and lip-sync videos. Homa was a part of Yolo House, a group of creators sharing dances and lip-sync performances, but decided to leave the group at the beginning of 2022 and focus on her solo career. Yolo House is currently at 27.7 million followers on TikTok. 

Why not follow: If you like watching Asian girls (and boys) dancing, this TikTok account is for you. If you’re not a fan of lip-syncing and dancing videos, I suggest moving on to different accounts, as Homa’s account is no different from any other TikTok lip-syncing account. 

23. Willie Salim

Willie Salim TikTok

Username: @williesalim

Number of followers: 52.5 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Indonesia

Best known for: Willie Salim is a well-known TikToker and YouTuber from Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, Indonesia. He gained popularity for his unique content, which often involves purchasing large quantities of goods from vendors. His real name is Yudistira Ardhana, and he was born in 2002. Willie is known for his bright outfits and love for animals. Despite his success, he remains down-to-earth and is known for his generosity. 

Why not follow: His channel is targeted mostly at Indonesia, since he talks in Indonesian with subtitles in Indonesian as well, so I’d venture to say this channel is not for you if you’re not Indonesian. 

24. Karol G

Karol G TikTok

Username: @karolg

Number of followers: 51.8 million

Profession: Singer

Country: Colombia

Best known for:  Karol G, born Carolina Giraldo Navarro, is a Colombian singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself in the Latin music scene with hits across reggaeton and Latin trap genres. She stepped into the limelight with her appearance on the Colombian version of “The X Factor” and further catapulted to fame with her breakthrough hit “Ahora Me Llama” in collaboration with Bad Bunny. Her successful albums have included popular tracks like “China,” “Tusa,” and “Ay, Dios Mío!” and have earned her accolades such as the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018​.

On TikTok, Karol G enjoys a substantial presence with her official account (@karolg) boasting a staggering 51.8 million followers. The platform serves as another venue for her to connect with her audience, where she shares content that resonates with her fans, contributing to her overall appeal and maintaining her status as a trendsetter in the music industry​.

Why not follow: If you’re not a fan of Karol G and her music, you’ll probably not be interested in her account.

25. Michael Le

Michael Le TikTok

Username: @justmaiko

Number of followers: 51.7 million

Profession: Dancer and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Michael Le, known as JustMaiko, is one of the most popular TikTok boys, best known for his dancing and choreography skills. He started using TikTok in 2016 while it was still called Musical.ly. He also likes documenting his life on his blog and taking photos for it. People love his dancing tutorials and his collaborations with his brothers and sister, as well as those with other celebrities and creators like Jason Derulo and James Charles. His video of him dancing to Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” on an escalator in the mall is one of the most viewed TikTok videos, with 249 million views.

Why not follow: If you want to stay away from the dancing part of TikTok, you may want to consider not following Michael. However, you should also consider that his family, who is regularly featured in his videos, is very cute, so you might want to try a few of his videos to see if his style matches your preferences. 

26. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish TikTok

Username: @billieeilish

Number of followers: 51 million

Profession: Singer-songwriter

Country: USA

Best known for: Her hit single “Bad Guy”, released in March 2019, but also for many other popular songs, like “No Time to Die”, “Everything I Wanted”, and “Therefore I Am”. Billie Eilish’s first studio album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 in the US and reached number one in the UK. Her second album, “Happier Than Ever”, launched in 2021, was also very successful, reaching no. 1 in 25 countries. With seven Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish is the youngest artist in Grammy history and the second to have won in all four main categories in the same year. On TikTok, Billie made her first video at the end of 2020, and she posts very rarely. Since her first video in November 2020, she has only posted 29 more videos, which means 30 in total (to date). 

Why not follow: Out of the few videos she has posted, the majority are ones where Billie plays with TikTok filters or ones of her music and choreographies, so if you’re not interested in any of that, it’s better not to follow. However, since she posts so rarely, you wouldn’t be bothered by a ton of videos popping up on your feed.  

27. Kris Collins

Kris Collins TikTok

Username: @kallmekris

Number of followers: 50.7 million

Profession: Social media personality

Country: Canada

Best known for:  Her TikTok account, under the name of Kallmekris. Kris started on TikTok in April 2020, and after just a few weeks on the platform, one of her comedic skits about her and her father became viral. People love her sketches because they’re very relatable, funny, and showcase a lot of creativity. Her fans are amazed by Kris’ ability to post such creative and funny videos on a daily basis. Just coming up with the ideas, but then filming and editing on top, seems like a lot of work and it is mind-boggling to most people how she manages to do it. Kris said she draws a lot of the stories for her sketches from her own family and the experience of having five siblings. In 2022, she made it on the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list for social media. 

Why not follow: If you’re not a fan of comedic skits, especially ones that revolve around family, then maybe this account is not best suited for you. You’d have to give it a chance and see if you like her humor. 

28. Blackpink

Blackpink TikTok

Username: @bp_tiktok

Number of followers: 47.9 million

Profession: South Korean girl band

Country: South Korea

Best known for: Blackpink, formed by YG Entertainment, is a South Korean girl group that has taken the global music scene by storm. Comprising members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, the group debuted in 2016 and quickly became known for their catchy music, stylish visuals, and powerful performances. Their hits like “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” “Kill This Love,” and “How You Like That” have broken numerous records on international charts and YouTube. Blackpink is lauded for their cross-cultural appeal and has been influential in spreading the Korean Wave (Hallyu) worldwide, becoming global ambassadors for K-pop and contributing to its unprecedented international popularity. 

Why not follow: If you’re not a fan of Blackpink or K-pop, you’ll most likely not be interested in this TikTok account. 

29. Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera TikTok

Username: @brentrivera

Number of followers: 47.6 million

Profession: Actor and social media personality

Country: USA

Best known for: Brent Rivera is an actor, Youtuber, and social media personality who first became famous on Vine. His TikTok is a mishmash of dancing, lip-syncing, stunts and tricks, and general fun with his sister and friends.

Why not follow: If you don’t know Brent Rivera and you’re not into following a random guy posting random stuff on TikTok, you may not find his account all that interesting.

30. Riyaz Aly

Riyaz Aly TikTok

Username: @riyaz.14

Number of followers: 46.3 million

Profession: Actor and social media personality

Country: India

Best known for: His lip-sync videos and being a fashion icon on TikTok. He is currently the most famous TikToker in India and aspires to be a Bollywood actor. Riyaz has been seen in many Hindi and Punjabi music videos and has collaborated with Indian celebrities like Avneet Kaur, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, and Neha Kakkar. TikTok followers love his fashion style and comedic skits. 

Why not follow: If you don’t speak or understand Hindi, Riyaz Aly’s TikTok account may not be ideal for you, as you will not get many of the jokes and the actual message of his videos.   


There are many factors that influence the popularity of an influencer’s account — they range from finding the right time to post on TikTok and the type of content to current TikTok trends. The TikTok creators we have mentioned in the article seem to get it all right.

But speaking of what’s suitable for you, who do you follow on TikTok? Do you follow any of these top TikTokers? What topics and genres are you interested in on TikTok?

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