Awe-Inducing TikTok Makeup Trends in 2024

TikTok Makeup Trends 2024

TikTok has become a goldmine for makeup enthusiasts, offering a treasure trove of creativity and inspiration. In 2024, viral makeup trends are taking the platform by storm, with users sharing tutorials and jaw-dropping transitions that highlight their incredible skills. This article dives into the latest and greatest makeup trends on TikTok, showcasing the talent and imagination of creators from around the world. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new technique or just want to marvel at some impressive transformations, these TikTok makeup trends are sure to leave you in awe. Here’s a quick list of the top TikTok makeup trends in 2024, so you can jump straight to the ones that catch your eye.

  1. Snow White
  2. Country-Specific Makeup Transitions
  3. Zodiac Makeup Trend
  4. Goth Makeup
  5. Sunset Blush Makeup Trend
  6. Lollipop Lip Trend
  7. Water Transition
  8. No Makeup to Makeup Makeup
  9. Bridgerton Makeup
  10. Sultry Makeup Transitions

Top TikTok Makeup Trends in 2024

1. Snow White

Sounds: nhạc nền – gnouhh, original sound – molchanovamua

Hashtags: #gnouhh, #bienhinh, #douyinmakeuptutorial, #makeuptransition

I don’t know exactly how this makeup trend is called, but I called it Snow White because the girl takes a bite out of an apple and shapeshifts from a witch to a beautiful woman, or from a bad witch to a good witch? I know that’s not the plot of Snow White, but the apple made me think of her.

And here is the tutorial for this makeup trend posted by another TikTok creator:

Tutorial for this trend ! 😱 ornl video @gnouhh ​⁠ #makeuptransition #fyp

♬ original sound – molchanovamua

2. Country-Specific Makeup Transitions

Sounds: PERÚ MAKEUP TREND Nicolle Chang x DJ Towa – Nicolle Chang | Makeup Artist, Un poco loco – speedxur🎧, son original – YIYI777

Hashtags: #makeuptrend, #perumakeup, #maquilladoraprofesional, #transicionesdemaquillaje, #mexicomakeup, #makeuptransformation, #makeuptransition

This makeup trend portrays the cultural beauty of different countries through multiple makeup transitions and outfit changes, highlighted by traditional music from that country. For instance, this is from Peru:


PERU MAKEUP TREND 🇵🇪 Somos 33 millones de peruanos… hagamos que todo el mundo conozca nuestro hermoso PERÚ!♥️✨ Por favor compartan, comenten, den like y reproduzcan cuantas veces puedan! el mundo debe conocer lo increíble que es nuestra cultura😍 Definitivamente este es el video que más tiempo y energías me ha tomado hacer con un total de 30 horas dividido en DOS días entre grabación y edición, madrugando y durmiendo solo entre 3-4 horas, pero valió completamente el esfuerzo!!! 🫶🏻✨ #makeuptrend #perumakeup #peru #limaperu #maquilladoraprofesional #transicionesdemaquillaje #maquillajecreativo #asokamakeup #maquillaje #transiciones

♬ PERÚ MAKEUP TREND Nicolle Chang x DJ Towa – Nicolle Chang | Makeup Artist

This one from Mexico is also fantastic:


Mexico Makeup 🇲🇽💀❤️ Minha versão com personagens de Coco 🎊. #mexicomakeup #makeuptransformation #makeuptransition #trend ib @Julia Chaves @Gustax ✨

♬ Un poco loco – speedxur🎧

There is even a compilation of Mexican creators doing this trend, combining and intermingling clips from three TikTokers: @Camila Pudim, @Lisa, and @jessicacardoso.


Trend mexico makeup!🇲🇽#pourtoi #foryou #fly @Camila Pudim @lisa✨ @jessicacardoso #trend #mexico🇲🇽

♬ son original – YIYI777

3. Zodiac Makeup Trend

Sounds: original sound – Rosey Par, Arcade – Duncan Laurence ft. FLETCHER

Hashtags: #zodiacmakeup, #zodiacsigns, #makeuptransformation

The zodiac makeup trend is just what it sound like. TikTok creators pick different zodiac signs and do their makeup in a way that best represents it, sometimes even pairing it with fabulous outfits that go with that specific zodiac sign. It all looks very glamorous and elaborate.

Whereas in the video above we had four zodiac signs portrayed, this one is only for Capricorn, but it is so well done!

4. Goth Makeup

Sounds: original sound – Santi, Duality – Slipknot

Hashtags: #tradgothic, #tradgothgirl, #tradgoth, #tradgothmakeup, #piercingtok, #gothtok, #gothfashiontiktok

If you’re into goth makeup and outfits, you will love this trend.

The one above is trad goth, but there are different subgenres to goth makeup, and people who do goth makeup sometimes choose lighter makeup for their everyday look, but it still looks rocker-chic. For instance, this is an everyday goth makeup look. Less dramatic, but still pretty dark.

5. Sunset Blush Makeup Trend

Sounds: original sound – Campbell Puckett

Hashtags: #luminoussilk, #armanibeauties, #beautytips

Moving on from goth, we have quite the opposite makeup trend, with rosy cheeks and a more dewy look. The way she’s doing her blush is called the sunset blush and she’s demonstrating the technique in this video.


Sunset blush all summer long🌅 using @Armani beauty new luminous silk cheek tint @sephora #luminoussilk #armanibeauties #armanibeautypartner #beautytips

♬ original sound – Campbell Puckett

6. Lollipop Lip Trend

Sounds: original sound – SHEGLAM

Hashtags: #sheglam, #makeuptips, #lollipop, #lipstick

This makeup trend shows a creator cutting a piece of lipstick to mix it into a clear gloss, thus creating a lip gloss shade that’s very similar to the shade and shine of a lollipop. The products shown are Sheglam, but I’m sure you could recreate this with any glossy pink lipstick and a clear lip gloss.

7. Water Transition

Sounds: BLUE – Billie Eilish, som original – Carla Beattriz

Hashtags: #watertransition, #transition, #blue, #makeuptransition

Just like with other makeup transitions, the person filming starts with a makeup-free face and then transitions to a face full of makeup. This time, the link between the two transitions is pouring a glass of water over your face and then transitioning to beautiful blue eyeshadow makeup, since the trend uses the song “Blue” by Billie Eilish.

8. No Makeup to Makeup Makeup

Sounds: original sound – ᴮᴵᴸᴸᴵᴱ

Hashtags: #nomakeupmakeup, #makeuptransformation, #makeuptrend

This makeup trend transitions from no makeup to a “no makeup makeup” look, to a light makeup look, and finally to a “makeup makeup” look, which is considered by most to be a full face of makeup, and the stage that most men start to notice you’re wearing makeup.


i love this trend sm 🥹 which makeup is your favv

♬ original sound – ᴮᴵᴸᴸᴵᴱ

9. Bridgerton Makeup

Sounds: dance the night dua lipa – audios 🌙

Hashtags: #bridgerton, #bridgertontiktok, #makeupartist, #makeuproutine

As I’ve mentioned in our most popular TikTok Trends article, the cast of Bridgerton is quite active on social media, and with a new season just released, the fans are eating up everything they’re posting. This time, it’s a behind-the-scenes makeup session posted by Emma Rigby, where she has her makeup done by her makeup artist.


One of the best parts of working on Bridgerton is getting to make up this beauty! Theres not a topic we havent covered sat in that chair! This is one of my favourite looks for Bessie this whole season! Who doesnt love an 80s regency mohawk? Makeup using @Charlotte Tilbury @Huda Beauty @Hourglass Cosmetics and @Kosas Hair and makeup by me Wig knotted by @Waqqas Sheikh @Bridgerton @Shondaland @Netflix #bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix #bridgertontiktok #fyp #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #bridgertonedit #wig #makeup #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #wigs #wiginstall #wigtok #wigtutorial #wighair #wigstyling #fypシ゚viral #bridgertonbts #bridgertonwig #bridgertonscandal #polin #prudencefeatherington #makeuptransformation #makeuproutine

♬ dance the night dua lipa – audios 🌙

10. Sultry Makeup Transitions

Sounds: original sound – leilani

Hashtags: #makeuptransformation, #transition

This trend belongs in a list of sexy TikTok Trends, but since it’s makeup, I had to mention it here as well. Makeup transitions are usually quite stunning, but when the creator also puts on a sexy attitude, it’s even more appealing. This woman definitely has some sex appeal!