Top 20+ TikTok Memes of 2022

Memes are a pillar of human connection. Okay, I wouldn’t go that far, but memes have in fact become an important part of modern society and the way humans interact with one another, relate and connect.

So with them being so popular, it’s no wonder that TikTok memes have become a thing as well. If people can sense meme value in something, they will hunt it down and find it. Guaranteed.

Of course, TikTok memes are most of the times TikTok videos, and not images about TikTok, but they’re not just any regular TikToks, they have to have a certain “je ne sais quoi” to qualify as funny TikTok memes that people want to share over and over again. 

So let’s check it out, what are the most popular TikTok memes right now?

Top 20+ TikTok Memes of 2022

1. Chugging down sparkling water without burping

If you don’t know the following TikTok meme yet, I don’t know where you’ve been living, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The amount of sheer panic, chaos and unstoppable chain of events is just comedy gold:


“Can he chug a sparkling water and not burp” #fyp #foryou #theboys #viral #relatable #funny @boystiltheend

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

2. Scott Sterling

This is another one right up there on the funny scale for me. I’ve mentioned it in a previous TikTok article, but couldn’t help to mention it again because it’s just too funny to miss:

3. Gangsta Cat

Ain’t nothing like a funny animal to create a good TikTok meme. And this one doesn’t disappoint. Well, some TikTok users have complained about the sock not being clean enough, but that doesn’t take away from the comedic factor. In fact, maybe it adds more to it?

4. Nelson the Donkey

If we’re on the subject of animals, this donkey video is quite hilarious, don’t you think? I do bet her neighbors love her indeed:

5. TikTok dancers at a regular job

Since TikTok is known by many for its popular dances, I had to introduce a dance-themed TikTok meme. This one portrays how TikTok dancers would act at a normal job, and I have to say the editing and sound effects are spot-on:

6. Khaby Lame

By now, Khaby Lame has kind of become a legend on TikTok and almost all his videos can qualify as memes. As mentioned in our Top 25 Most Liked TikToks of 2022 article, Khabane Lame had 6 videos in the top 25 at the time of writing it and he’s become the most popular TikToker as of October 2022. 


Could be the new Khaby ?🤣🤣 👩🏿‍🦱 🤲🏾 Potrebbe essere il nuovo Khaby? #learnfromkhaby #imparacontiktok #stitch

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

7. Funny Lap Dance

This one’s a bit different from other funny TikToks, but this girl deserves some respect for standing up for herself in such a funny way:


tik tok took this down because my dance was too sexy 🤭 so I’m REPOSTING #fyp

♬ original sound – Concretecrotchkiss

8. Beyoncé’s Chicken Dance

Whether you like Beyoncé or not, this video will make you laugh. The fact that’s she’s so on beat on this dance is amazing and whoever thought of this is brilliant:

9. Followed Into a Dark Alley

How would you react if someone creepy was following you? Check out these guys’ reaction, totally hilarious:

10. Holy Water

Don’t you love a good silly punny joke? I know I do and this was funny enough for me to include in our TikTok memes list:

11. Be Anything You Want

What do you want to be when you grow up? This guy has the confidence to be whatever he wants to be and I respect that:

12. Workout Gone Wrong

You know when you work out at home and you’re so embarrassed if someone comes in the room? Well, this is even more embarrassing, but priceless at the same time:

13. Usher Cat

When your cat can sing like Usher, you know you’ve got a winning TikTok on your hands. The meme was started by @chipthemanx and followed by many other super cute and funny cat videos.

14. Stair Shuffle Dance Challenge

There was a cool stair shuffle dance challenge going on, which looks really cool when you can do it right:

And then there’s memes of people failing, or almost getting it right, but ending it up with a bang:

15. Dressing Up Pets

It’s always funny when you dress up your pets, but when you make them wear a creepy Halloween costume, it’s over-the-top funny:

16. Musical Chairs Gone Wrong

There’s a reason adults don’t play musical chairs. But this was hilarious nonetheless. She definitely won the #musicalchairs challenge. At what cost though? We don’t know.

17. Turds in the Bag

I love how innocent he seems and how discretely he speaks until he does what he does. And his dad’s face is just priceless!

18. Slipping on Ice

Some of the best humor is of people slipping on ice, given they don’t fall badly.

This is early 1900s comedy at its peak (@therealgrandcanyon201947) #comedy #ice #slipping #fails

♬ original sound –

19. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Don’t you love try not to laugh challenges? I certainly do! I fail most of the times, but who cares if I get a good laugh? Let’s see how you do with this one:

20. Falling for Each Other

Sometimes you’re so excited to see someone you haven’t seen in a long time that not even a slip and fall can stop you. This was hilarious, sad, and romantic at the same time!

21. A Dog’s Empathy

The guys who posted this TikTok says his dog was trying to humiliate him by trying to limp the same way he did, but I think the dog was just being empathetic and showing him he’s there for him, and most people in the comments agree with me:

22. Funny and Sassy Kid

The interaction between this father and son is pure comedy gold. If this isn’t staged, this kid will become a comedian one day, he’s so quick on his feet. But even if it is staged, whoever came up with the script is still a comedian.

23. Funniest Arrest Ever

This has to go down as the funniest arrest in history. Arrest him by all means if he did something wrong, but someone please also give him a funniest felon award. I’m surprised the policeman managed to keep his cool.

24. Throwing Your Phone Away

When you’re holding something with one hand and taking pictures with the other, be careful what you end up throwing away. This guy definitely had an instant regret moment.

25. Italian Speaking With His Hands

Have you ever seen an Italian not use their hands while they speak? Carlo’s wife Sarah challenged him to speak without his hands and it seems to be an impossible task. If you want to see more memes and you love funny couples on TikTok, check out their account @carloandsarah. They’re funny and adorable.

26. TikTok Meme Compilation

And finally, a meme compilation to round up our top 20+ TikTok memes of 2022:

As you might have noticed by now, TikTok memes—if done right—play a huge role in your marketing strategy since snackable content can quickly become viral.

Hope you’ve enjoyed. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends and also check out the most popular TikTok trends of 2022.

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