Best Social Media Memes

Memes are one of the best parts of social media, so it’s only natural that there are now memes about social media itself.

And boy are they funny!

We’ve gathered a collection of social media memes and split them into categories so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Now you have all the best memes about social media in one place, so feel free to link to this article when you need to share some good social media memes.

Funny Social Media Memes
Taking a Break from Social Media Memes
Complaining on Social Media Memes
Addicted to Social Media Memes
Anti Social Media Memes
Social Media Stalking Memes
Bragging on Social Media Memes
False Sense of Self-Importance Social Media Memes
Life Before Social Media Memes
Living a Healthy Life With Social Media Memes
The Fakeness of Social Media Memes
Social Media Friends Meme
Social Media Marketing Memes

But what are social media memes?

As you already know, a meme is a culturally pertinent and usually humorous image or video that is highly relatable to a specific or larger audience and is spread quickly over the Internet. Therefore, social media memes are viral and typically funny images or videos on the topic of social media. 

Ok, ok, I hear you!

And what better place to start than with a welcome to social media meme?

The Best Social Media Memes

1. Funny Social Media Memes

Of course, we had to start with the funny category and some social media humor. I mean, pretty much all memes are inherently funny, but there are some that are just the icing on the cake. Here are the funniest social media memes:

2. Taking a Break from Social Media Memes

Have you ever taken a break from social media or seen other people announce they need to do a social media detox for their mental health?

In all seriousness, why would you take a break from social media, what happens when you take a break from social media and why is a social media detox good?

Spending a lot of time on social media can deeply affect your level of happiness and self-esteem, as you constantly compare your life to other people’s, so taking a break from time to time allows you to reset your priorities and is very beneficial to your mental health. 

But for now, let’s just enjoy other people getting annoyed by social media detox announcements with these taking a break from social media memes:

3. Complaining on Social Media Memes

Annoyed by people always complaining on social media? You’ll love these memes:

4. Addicted to Social Media Memes

Being addicted to social media can cause anxiety and depression, as we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others. But we humans are truly skilled at making fun of bad situations, so of course, there are some priceless memes out there about social media addiction:

5. Anti Social Media Memes

Are you one of the people against social media who believe social media is toxic? Well, you wouldn’t be alone.

But why is social media considered toxic?

There are many negative aspects associated with social media from personal data being sold to the whole thing becoming a marketplace, but one of the most detrimental side effects is forcing people to judge their self-worth by likes, comments and shares, and presenting them with a fake reality.

But let’s take a breather from all this seriousness with these anti social media memes:

6. Social Media Stalking Memes

Have you ever stalked someone on social media or know someone who’s a stalker? Send them these social media stalking memes next time they complain “I can’t find him on social media!”:

Or this “on social media but can’t text back” meme:

7. Bragging on Social Media Memes

Do you love bragging about your relationship on social media or do you know people who are always posting too much about their life on social media? We all know at least one person like that, don’t we? I hope these bragging on social media memes can relieve at least some of that irritation:

8. False Sense of Self-Importance Social Media Memes

Some people have quite the inflated ego and a skewed perception of how important their lives really are, and social media has only accentuated that even more.

9. Life Before Social Media Memes

Life was a bit simpler before social media. People used to hang out more in person and connect on a real level. Now, everyone’s faces are planted on their phones and we’ve lost a lot of the connection to our surroundings.

10. Living a Healthy Life With Social Media Memes

Social media is now a part of all our lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t practice a bit of control and watch our habits. We can live healthy lives with social media, we just need to be careful and aware of how much we consume of it on a daily basis.

11. The Fakeness of Social Media Memes

What we see on social media is often not even close to reality. Social media is just a highlight reel, and appearances are just that, appearances. How we are in real life and how we present ourselves on social media can be two completely different things. And it’s not all the time about lying or being fake, but sometimes smiling for a camera is easier than in real life, and sharing the positives is many times easier as well.

12. Social Media Friends Memes

What would we do without our social media friends? They’re the best, aren’t they?

13. Social Media Marketing Memes

Can you use memes in social media marketing?

Memes are great to use as part of your social media marketing strategy, as long as they conform to your audience’s preferences and beliefs. They can be used to send a message or as a funny addition among more serious business posts.

Now that we have that clear, here are some great memes on social media marketing. Now we don’t suggest you use these with your clients, but if you’re a social media marketer, you’ll get a great laugh out of them:

What are the best social media for memes or a great meme social media app?

There are a lot of platforms where you can find good memes, but some of the best are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, as well as websites like 9GAG.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of viral social media memes, let us know if you have a favorite one in the comments down below! And if you’re thirsty for more social media content and looking for alternatives to manage multiple accounts or platforms, check out our top social media management tools for individuals and businesses in 2020.

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