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More Personalization Comes to the YouTube App

Do you have the YouTube App installed on your devices? If you don't, you might want to change your minds, because the music app is trying to hook you...

Disappearing Messages Come to WhatsApp

It seems that the ephemeral messages are a thing now and almost every messaging app integrate this feature. It all started with Telegram, then Instagram made it possible to...

TikTok + Sony Music Entertainment = Great Success

It's a great time for TikTok it seems, after the social network has not been banned in the US and more countries that banned...
linkedin career path

LinkedIn Adapts to the Pandemic Time Launching a New Way to Find Jobs

It is already crystal clear that the world has changed during 2020 in way we have never imagined. And those changes have also affected the life of professionals all...

TikTok Partners with Shopify

There's big news in what online shopping is concerned, since TikTok has announced today a partnership with Shopify to help businesses reach a new...

Fan Badges for Instagram Live Are Being Tested

What Instagram is testing right now is not new for other social networks such as Twitch, Twitter and even Facebook, but it is yet another incentive for fans to...
Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Gets Updates

Remember last months' news about Instagram DM that would allow users to communicate with Facebook Messenger friends for the first time ever? It didn't take...
Local Lens Launched by Snapchat in London

First Local Lens Launched by Snapchat in London

Snapchat has announced, back in June for its Partner Summit, the launch of Local Lenses, a new feature that would allow you to see the world through your lenses...
Instagram Threads

Instagram Updates Threads, Puts Focus on Closed Friends

It seems like Instagram is doing lots of changes to its Messenger app, trying to enhance people to spend even more time on the social network chatting with friends,...
Twitter Suggested Follows

Twitter Suggested Follows Is A New Feature to Follow Accounts (Android Only)

Twitter announced yesterday that they are currently testing a new feature for Android: suggested follows. You might have also seen this on Facebook when you follow a page and...

Introducing A New Messenger Experience on Instagram

Lately Facebook has made lots of changes to both the personal profiles and the business ones as well. Some people are content with them, most of them aren't, and...

How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business

With the staggering increase of social media usage, every business feels the need to be active on social platforms. Anything you or your team...

20% Text Limit on Ad Images is Removed by Facebook

Great news for both marketers and designers who have struggled until now to create the best visuals for the Facebook ads, but with no...

Facebook Will Allow Claiming Ownership Over Images

Ever since the Internet appeared and even before - with print - there have been situation in which artists and not only had to...
Facebook Watch Together

Facebook ‘Watch Together’ is a new co-viewing feature in Messenger

Image Source: Facebook Facebook is rolling out today a new feature that seems to be a successful one especially during those pandemic times: a feature...
TikTok Stitch

TikTok Introduces Stitch

What is Stitch you might ask? And we are here to tell you that Stitch is a new editing feature available with TikTok, a new way of engaging with...
How to Use Instagram Reels

How to Use Instagram Reels (Full Guide)

For any business, funneling clients through social media requires more than the one size fits all technique. You may have already tried the popular social media platforms; that is...

Facebook Is Testing Topics for Watch

With the new Facebook redesign, it seems that the social network is also changing algorithms and wants to deliver relevant videos to its audience and make Watch the place...


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