Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools


3 Ways to Make Your Press Releases Appealing To Journalists

Are you sending press releases? Do you know how to make press releases appealing to journalists? Working with social media to achieve the goals of your PR campaigns is really fun. From...

My 5 most favorite HootSuite apps

HootSuite, social media management tool has relevant advantages compare to their competitors. The App Directory is one of them. Hundred of HootSuite apps can be added to your dashboard to create a customized...

Zoomph, the Influencer Engagement Platform

  A few months ago, while working for an event, I had the opportunity to test Zoomph a very nice and useful tool for those working in Social Media. Zoomph generates a...

How to Manage Facebook Ad Campaign 24/7 ?

    Managing Facebook ad campaigns may be hard and most of the marketers are working 24/7, in order to monitorize ads running. But here is a great news! Online environment provides a...

How To Replace Gmail Ads With Social Contacts

  Get rid of those annoying Gmail ads on the side of your emails with Rapportive a free add-on for Firefox, Chrome  and Safari that  replaces adverts with a social profile of the sender.   How To Replace Gmail Ads...

Tweriod, an App to Analyse your Followers when they are online

Ever wondered which times of the day would be the best for you to Tweet? Look no further here is Tweriod, an app to optimize you or your brand’s daily tweeting...

ContentCal: A Visual Social Media Calendar You’ll Want To Use

ContentCal is an easy-to-navigate visual calendar with a neat dashboard. This social media tool is great for anyone managing their own business, social media...
hootsuite review

Hootsuite Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool?

For those who are in the social media marketing industry, you probably came across Hootsuite and may even use it a couple of times. Hootsuite are serving thousands (and thousands) of...

The New Anti-Social App

After years of being neglected in the social networking world, someone has finally made a service specifically for the misanthropes among us. Cloak is a new anti-social app that collects your...
Instagram apps and tools

Top 10 Instagram Apps And Tools For Beginners and Advanced Users

It was about two months ago where I started to engage seriously with Instagram. I was living my 'online life' with Instagram. Sure, I know that Instagram is all about yourself...

Need More Time? Consider Using Social Media Automation Tools

Time - we all wish to have more time and trust me, 24 hours isn't enough when it comes to marketing. Let alone, social media marketing. In most cases, social media marketing...
Grow your brand on Instagram with these tools

Grow Your Brand on Instagram with these Tools

Instagram boasts of over a billion users. A portion of these users is a target market for any business. The social media platform has grown from just another photo-sharing...

Post Planner: How Do You Use PostPlanner To Leverage Social Media?

As a social media marketer, I felt that PostPlanner had been taking the backseat for some time now. At times, I really wonder what's happening in the company itself. Overall, it...

12 Tools to Promote Your Social Media Accounts on Your Wix Website

There is no denying that social media is integral to every business. It allows you to build awareness around your brand, drive traffic and...
Online Quiz Maker for Teachers

Best Online Quiz Maker for Teachers in 2021

Whether you’re back in the classroom or you’re still teaching remotely, you need some tools to make your students’ learning experience more efficient and...
Social Media Scheduling

How To Use Trello For Social Media Planning And Scheduling?

You probably heard about social media scheduling (and even read about scheduling updates with Hootsuite) and by now, you should realize that social media scheduling is important if you want to...

vConferenceOnline — The Platform You Need For Your Online Event

Have you ever considered organizing your event online instead of in-person? With everything happening in the world this year and last year — we all know...

4 Important Tools To Help You Understand Your Audience On Social Media

Understanding your audience on social media is more than just important. As a matter of fact, it is extremely crucial especially when you are looking for success in social media. Sure, there...


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