Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools

10 Best Paid And Free Tools That Will Help You Track Your Keyword Rankings

  Compelling internet presence is all about keywords. It brings traffic, converts visitors into customers and increases domain value. One of the prime tools to measure the success of your SEO campaign is...

Byte App – Everything you need to know about the successor of Vine

When Vine shut down in 2016, it left a massive hole in the hearts of all of its fans and users. 

Penji: Unlimited Graphic Design You Can Afford

Graphic design is an essential part of almost any type of business, whether online or offline.  And if you’re a business owner, an agency, a marketer,...

PeekAnalytics analyzes the socio-demographic profile of a brand audience on Twitter

  There are various tools to analyze the audience of a brand on Twitter and today I am going to talk about a tool that I discovered and helped me out with...

How To Replace Gmail Ads With Social Contacts

  Get rid of those annoying Gmail ads on the side of your emails with Rapportive a free add-on for Firefox, Chrome  and Safari that  replaces adverts with a social profile of the sender.   How To Replace Gmail Ads...

7 Social Bookmarking Plugins to Take Your Website Places

If you are still believing in the archetypal model that quality content leads to quality traffic, you are a tad too behind the times. Today, right on this date, the post...

How Do You Easily Add an Email Signature

WiseStamp is a free browser extension which adds your very own personalized signature to the bottom of all your emails. The tool works with Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail.   How Do You... A Game Changer For Video Streaming?

If you are in the social media niche, you would have come across 'video streaming'. And let us put it this way. Video streaming is freaking hot right now! Streaming media is...

20 Best Apps for Small Businesses (Infographic)

  When you are at the beginning of the road and you have a small business to grow, is important to have some smart solutions in your pocket. There are a lot of...

TwXplorer, a new tool to analyze Twitter trends

It's important to analyze trends on Twitter to get out the most from the actions we perform. For this a new free tool called TwXplorer allows us to search for terms...
Instagram apps and tools

Top 10 Instagram Apps And Tools For Beginners and Advanced Users

It was about two months ago where I started to engage seriously with Instagram. I was living my 'online life' with Instagram. Sure, I know that Instagram is all about yourself...

Zoomph, the Influencer Engagement Platform

  A few months ago, while working for an event, I had the opportunity to test Zoomph a very nice and useful tool for those working in Social Media. Zoomph generates a...

PostPlanner – The Complete Guide For Beginners

PostPlanner. You heard about it and you see marketers turning it into a massive, monster tool for their social media success. And you are probably begging to know how to use it...

Octopin or how yo manage your Pinterest campaign

  A study conducted by Semiocast revealed that  Pinterest has already 70 millions accounts and 20 millions pins, repins or likes, a relatively large number of publications and activities by users. To analyze...

4 Simple Tactics To Get More Twitter Followers

The internet marketing world has become ruled by content. No matter where you look, words are used by marketers to communicate only the information that they want their audiences to hear....

5 Great Tools for Hacking a Startup’s Growth

Growth hacking is not a myth. In fact, it is becoming more practical and more measurable every day. Here is a short list of the dozens of growth tools for hacking...

7 New Social Media Apps and Tools to Try In 2018

Anyone who wants to be successful in business needs to have a good social media marketing strategy. It’s a must-have in this day and age. If you have a social media...

Little Bird – The Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

The Oregon based start-up known as Little Bird is back in the spotlight after announcing that they have raised $1.7 million more to fund their company. The company, which was founded in...


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