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Top 20 Most Valuable Brands in the World 2017

With a brand value of $ 184,154 Million, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world in 2017 as it was in the last five years in a row. Although it has a...

Viral Video of the week: Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines feat T.I. and Pharrell

  Robin Thicke with his song: Blurred Lines, is the first and only Viral Video of the Week for the 4th time on this position. The song was first published on Mar...

Forget Snapchat Spectacles, ACE Eyewear Is Here

Remember when Snapchat launched Spectacles and thought they will be a great success? Yes, that story. Well, it turned out not to be such a great success and people were not buying...

LinkedIn Introduces Auto-play Video Ads

As we said before, the video is gaining more and more popularity amongst social networks, whether we are talking about leisure ones or business ones, and here we are talking about...
Twitter Suggested Follows

Twitter Suggested Follows Is A New Feature to Follow Accounts (Android Only)

Twitter announced yesterday that they are currently testing a new feature for Android: suggested follows. You might have also seen this on Facebook when you follow a page and...

Instagram Techniques to Boost Your Business

  Instagram is currently used by 150 million people monthly. Businesses can target Instagram users as a market to promote and sell their goods. It’s also a vehicle to find prospective employees....

An Egg is the New Most-Liked Instagram Photo Ever

Instagram can be sometimes a weird place, where competitions take place, no matter the subject.  But this one that we want to share with you today...

How to Post Pictures On Instagram and Facebook at the Same Time?

Facebook and Instagram. These are two social media platforms we can't seem to be able to ditch no matter how hard we try. No kidding. You should try NOT using Facebook or...

The Complete Guide to Instagram Advertising (2019 edition)

Instagram has gone a long way since its early days as a small photo-sharing community.  Now, the platform boasts over 1...

You Can Now Share Your Netflix Favorites in Instagram Stories

For some time now Facebook allows third-party apps to share content such as music, photos, videos to both Instagram and Facebook Stories. It was about time to have the...

Long-form Video on Instagram? Rumors Say Yes

News publication The Wallstreet Journal says that Instagram, the Facebook-owned social network is planning on releasing a new video feature that allows users to upload longer videos on the social network.   What does...

How To Gain Loyal Followers On Facebook Pages?

I always have the love-hate relationship with Facebook. As a social media marketer, the competitions just get harder when there are thousands of competitors (within the same niche) who are trying insanely...

10 Ultimate Tricks to Get Great SEO Success Through your Pinterest Profile

Like all other social platforms, Pinterest also offers great marketing opportunities; you just need to be aware of these opportunities and the way you can grab them to the best. Here,...

Viral Video of the week: Paperman

Starting from this week we will give you every monday, a top 3 with the last viral videos, who have the most shares, of the last week. To make this top...

How To Determine Facebook And Twitter ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do marketers determine social media ROI? This a question asked by many CEO’s and business owners that challenges marketers to deliver value from social media and make a return on their...

How the New Instagram Co-Watching Feature Works?

In a time when physical distancing is recommended and people spend more and more time keeping in touch on-line, Instagram comes with a new feature that will bring people...
How to Use Instagram Reels

How to Use Instagram Reels (Full Guide)

For any business, funneling clients through social media requires more than the one size fits all technique. You may have already tried the popular social media platforms; that is...
Backup Facebook Messages Automatically

How to Backup Facebook Messages Automatically

If you use Facebook Messenger to talk to friends and family or carry on business conversations, there are certain instances when you want or...


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