You may think that this is an odd question, right? But trust me, there are a lot of people actually seeking for the solution for this matter.

So, how do you save Facebook messages automatically?

Is it possible to save Facebook messages automatically?


There are split answers, depending on who you are asking.


1. No, directly from your Facebook account

Firstly, it is not possible to save Facebook messages automatically (and externally) from your smart devices and through the official Facebook Messenger application. By default, all conversations are stored in Facebook Messenger until you choose to delete them in the future. Therefore, I don’t think Facebook will be rolling out a new Facebook messenger feature to resolve this in the near future.


2. Yes, if you use some third-party add-on or plugin

Of course, the above leads us to the next answer which is “Yes, it is possible to save Facebook messages.” It requires you to download a third party add-on or plugin to your desktop.

And make no mistake, there are a lot of tools out there that you can use to download your chat.

Here’s a huge misconception on these tools and add-ons. You cannot recover those deleted messages with these tools. Instead, these tools will only backup content that you are going to share on Messenger. So unless you can find yourself a time machine, there’s no way to recover those.


Using add-ons or plugins on Firefox

The first step is to find the plugins on the respective browser’s store. In this tutorial, I’ll be using Mozilla Firefox for example.

Here’s the quick link to the chat manager:

Once downloaded and installed, head over to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager -> Get Facebook ID.

You need to create an account before you can start using this tool. When creating an account, you do not need to use a password that is similar to your Facebook account and you are free to use any password of your choice for this addon to work.


Viewing the chat history

Let’s be honest. We love the pretty stuff, don’t we? The problem with these plugins is that they aren’t that pretty. However, make no mistake as they are very useful and works perfectly well (unless Facebook changes their terms etc. in the future).

Take a look at the screenshot below. That’s how the addon looks like in action.



I used to keep a copy of all my Facebook messages in the past but I no longer do that now. Here’s the question for you:

“Do you want to keep a copy of your Facebook messages?”. If yes, why so? Please leave your comment below.


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