Useful Tips

Useful Tips in Social Media

8 Easy Ways To Sell On Social Media

Cold calling is almost dead! People don’t react to it. If stats are to be believed then only 1% of calls convert into appointments. Television marketing is costly, most...

How to Expand Your Audience on Social Media?

Once someone follows you on social media, there are several retention strategies you can use to maintain their interest (and possibly persuade them to take action, like buying products...

9 Content Strategies to Take Your Business from Good to Great

Do you know that 86% of all experts working in B2C marketing site content as their primary focus? Two main reasons have driven marketers...

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post Super-Fast – The Complete Guide

Do you want to write an awesome blog post for your business or personal blog and do you want it fast? Keep in mind some basics principles and you will create...

2019 Social Media Marketing Tips From 16 Marketing Experts (Video Answers)

There are some social media marketing tips that are very important, but you overlook them because they do not seem important to you. Sometimes a useful social media tip that...

Why Email Signups are Better than Social Media Followers?

“Email falls prey to social media marketing” “Facebook and Instagram are killing email” Every time a new social...

Social Media Marketers: Avoiding the Wrath of GDPR

Social media marketing is big business. It's the fastest-growing marketing segment and an increasingly popular and effective means through which a company can connect with its customers.

2019 Tips for Writing the Best Instagram Captions

It’s a hard balance to strike when trying to captivate an audience with your Instagram captions and photos. On one side of the spectrum, you want the world to note how your subject looks...

11 Incredibly Effective Types of Social Media Advertising You Must Know

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, chances are you’re investing in paid social media advertising. While this strategy can drive your business objectives, it’s important you use your budget efficiently...

2019 Digital Marketing Trends From 18 Marketing Experts (Video Answers)

At the beginning of every year the marketing department of every company on the planet are thinking about a new strategic marketing plan... or at least they’d better...

How to Optimize Images for Search Engines the Right Way

Websites have become a lot more visual over the years, and nowadays it is not only a good idea to use images – but...

How to Grow Your Email Marketing Contact List Using Social Media

Growing the contact list is in every marketer’s main goals. That’s because, in email marketing, your reach depends on the number of contacts in...

7 Effective Tips for Writing PPC Ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a very popular model at the moment and it involves that advertisers pay whenever the user clicks on their ad....

The Complete Guide to Create a Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2019

Social media platforms have amazing business potential. To be able to unlock it, you need a social media marketing strategy that’s both tailored to...

How to Prepare Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Christmas

  Small businesses may lack the marketing budget of big brands, but sprinkle a little social media magic to generate maximum returns. Christmas season is in the air –  everywhere you look there...

How to Build and Manage a Private Facebook Group

Facebook is the social media king that continues to rule over the entire marketplace. It is also one of the best places to build a community online, mostly because your audience...

How To Be A Successful Snapchat Influencer

I have come across hundreds, and I mean literally hundreds of people, whether on Youtube, Instagram or Twitter, that are constantly asking for people to follow them on Snapchat. This “Follow”...

10 Critical Components For A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

  Whether you are the owner of an established business or you are just getting started in promoting your company in the digital world, it is vital that you follow specific steps...


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