Useful Tips

Useful Tips in Social Media

How to Use Facebook Local – Hot in Social Media

Facebook is trying to conquer the world and to have all the info you need within one platform. Lately, they have released Facebook Local on Android and iOS.   What is Facebook Local? Facebook Local...
GameStop Times Square billboard

How The GameStop Times Square Billboard Became A Social Media Sensation

By now, I hope you have read or heard about the crazy GameStop saga. In the off chance you’ve lived on Mars in the past few months, millions of...

Pin Your Way to Better Holiday Sales with Pinterest

  Pinterest. This social media platform is quickly becoming one of the big players of online social networks. Recently valued at $3.8 billion, more and more businesses like Guess, Oprah, pro sports...

Insta-Etiquette: 10 Things to Never Do on Instagram

Everyone hates the person who uses Facebook as a place to chronicle every mundane event of their day. And people get in trouble all the time for tweeting before they think....

3 Key Benefits of LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations, for the uninitiated, are very much like miniature versions of recommendation letters that employers write for their workers. LinkedIn Recommendations can be written by anyone who not only knows...

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers in 2019

With the rise of video-centric features on Facebook or Instagram, it might seem like YouTube is slowly becoming obsolete. This couldn’t...

How To Replace Gmail Ads With Social Contacts

  Get rid of those annoying Gmail ads on the side of your emails with Rapportive a free add-on for Firefox, Chrome  and Safari that  replaces adverts with a social profile of the sender.   How To Replace Gmail Ads...

Time Management In Marketing: How Do You Deal With It?

    When you are working in the marketing industry, you may find hard to deal with so many tasks: tight deadlines, unscheduled meetings, research activities or unexpected phone calls. If you are...
Social Media Quotes

90+ Social Media Quotes For Every Soul

Social media has profoundly infiltrated our lives. With 79% of Americans using social media in 2019, I think we can safely assume most people...

How to Sell on Social Media (The Way Millennials Like It!)

Selling products and service via social media to millennials is difficult and is completely different from general social media marketing. Millennials are different because: They have a high sense of self-entitlement. ...
TikTok Marketing for Brands

7 Ways you can use TikTok Marketing for Brands

Available in over 150 countries, TikTok launched in 2016, but in 2018 the app gained a lot of popularity among young people, and became...

6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Facebook Store Now

eCommerce across the globe is growing at a rate never seen before. According to Statista, global B2C retail eCommerce will reach $2 trillion by the end of 2016. Social media is one...

7 Tips to Avoid Losing Instagram Followers

Losing followers on Instagram can be frustrating, especially when you seek love and acceptance. These days, social media has a special role in people’s lives. It lets them communicate with others...

When SEO and Social Media Work Together

As you may have experienced as a user or as a marketer, social media is increasingly influencing Search Engine Optimization, in this article I will explain both why and how this...

Unfollow People On Social Media – The Why And How Taboo

I am going to share something I considered important in my social media marketing life: Unfollowing people on social media. I have come across many people who claim that they hate unfollowing other...

How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media Channels?

It’s true that initially the term ‘social media’ used to dwell in the rare stratosphere for only rock stars and presidents to avail, but things have taken a different turn in...

Social Media Tactics To Increase Conversions

Using the right social media tactics will determine success or failure for your social media marketing campaigns. This is also one of the core reasons why so many business owners feeling...

3 Ways to Boost Your Brand on Tumblr

The best way that I can describe Tumblr - and I am sure that many longtime users of the site will agree - is a hybrid featuring a social media network...


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