How Many Tags Should I Use On Instagram?

Tags. We all love them but at times, it can be really annoying. My clients had asked me numerous times on how many tags (hashtags) I should be using on Instagram.
This guide is simple. You will find it interesting especially when it gives you a good idea of how to use hashtags on Instagram and how many hashtags you should be using.
For starters, most Instagrammers are not very susceptible to hashtag fatigue compared to other social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter.
Let’s go with the fact, shall we?

TrackMaven once said did a study of Instagram accounts with under 1,000 followers and found out that posts that contain around four to five hashtags get an average of 22 interactions compared to 14 interactions on posts with zero hashtags.

Here’s something important for you to understand. The stats above don’t give you the ‘permission’ to use 30 or more hashtags in an Instagram post. Nor, it should be like this of any genre:
#This #is #my #Instagram #post #with #hashtags.
You’ll get the point (I hope).
Instagram has millions if not billions of users. We don’t need keyboard warriors to spam hashtags like no tomorrow.

How Many Tags Should I Use On Instagram?

Well, the first consideration you should be doing is to understand the type of posts you are publishing. The usage of hashtags must not dissolve your message and make you look desperate.
Instead, the usage of hashtags should be a compliment to whatever your Instagram marketing plan is. Proper planning needed to be done in advance to ensure that you are able to define the different hashtags and usage. One of the best examples I can give is to allocate anywhere between 10 to 30 main hashtags along with several dozen of other hashtags that are considered secondary. In each Instagram post, use a mixture of both primary and secondary hashtags to make it look more genuine instead of copy pasting.
This way, you can easily monitor the progress of hashtag marketing and how you can work towards achieving your Instagram marketing goals.

Why should you control your Instagram hashtags (usage)?

Too many hashtags are going to make your message unreadable and you are going to drive your audience away. Always remember that hashtags are meant to add or give value to you and not the opposite.
Therefore, overly using hashtags is going to help you in any way. Also, using too many hashtags will make it even harder to track.
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