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Social media can be considered an excellent means of communication and Facebook is no exception. Millions of people update their statuses daily, which can range anywhere from mind-numbingly mundane to refreshingly clever. The writing of Facebook statuses has become a kind of art form, with so much expressed with a few simple words. Often times, these statuses can be a bit dry with some individuals giving less than exciting updates such as “going to work”, “study time”, “just made a peanut butter sandwich”, and so on. Which, let’s face it, are not really the most compelling updates. A funny Facebook status have really become the exception to what is typically floating around the cyberspace of Facebook, and if you are wondering how to write one of these memorable and entertaining statuses. Look no further!


8 Tips on How to Write a Truly Funny Facebook Status


1. Take inspiration from television shows and movies

Television shows and movies are popular for a reason – they are entertaining! If you happen to come across a funny quote from a popular show or movie, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory (or any show with a quote you deem entertaining) feel free to use it in your status! People love to comment on things that they are familiar with, and watching TV and movies is a pretty popular way to spend time.

2. Timing is everything

Are there any popular or “in jokes” being told at the moment? Try to incorporate it somehow into your status – doing this will basically ensure a positive reception.

3. Know you audience

Think about what the people on your list of Facebook friends finds funny. For instance, if the majority of your friends are really entertained by witty and clever humour, it would probably be best to avoid something crass or too simple. Steer clear of humour that you can anticipate will not be well received.

4. Be original

Don’t make a status that you have seen replicated by numerous people. Sometimes the funniest updates are funny because they are a bit shocking, or have the element of surprise. They are out of the ordinary, and so people will be compelled to comment.

5. Tell a story

Have you had anything funny happen to you recently? Stories are perfect material for Facebook statuses. Be sure to keep it brief – but incorporate experiences from your life onto Facebook. People love to read and comment on funny or even embarrassing things happening to others, usually because they can relate!

6. Search online for ideas

Take a look online for suggested funny status material, see if you can find inspiration. Try to take the trusted and true suggestions and put your own spin on them.

7. Be concise

If a status is too long, or takes forever to get to the point – the reader may lose interest and not find it entertaining. It is best to avoid being too long-winded. Funny Facebook statuses should be a burst of brilliance, rather than a too long, needs to get to the point, rambling, piece of writing.

8. Don’t try too hard

It is perfectly fine to try to think of ways to write a funny and entertaining Facebook status, but don’t try to force it! Otherwise it may come out as not funny at all. Be true to yourself, and what you find entertaining, and the status will come.

Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas on how to brighten the days of your Facebook friends with your undeniably funny statuses. With these suggestions you are sure to join the rank of individuals who compose a funny Facebook status in no time! Happy Facebook-ing!

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