20% Text Limit on Ad Images is Removed by Facebook

Great news for both marketers and designers who have struggled until now to create the best visuals for the Facebook ads, but with no more than 20% text on each image.

And the great news is that Facebook is no longer penalising images that contain more than 20% text on them. Awesome news, actually! As professionals will no long have to deal with an extra stress when it comes to ads they deliver for businesses and other clients!

Facebook made a statement a while ago that they are always trying to improve everyone’s experience with the platform and, after seeing the results of the effectiveness and impact of the quality check on ads, they have concluded that they will no longer take into consideration the amount of text on the images that appear in ads.

But advertisers should continue to watch carefully the ad policies and be careful with other changes that might happen.

Still, they are encouraging advertisers to add not much text to their ads, as they have seen that ads with less text perform better.

So the maximum of 20% text on images remains just a best practice, not something compulsory.

At first, they have introduced this 20% rule to reduce the amount of information in the news feed and to make it more clean. In what ads are concerned. Private posts didn’t have to comply to this rule.

But now, it seems that they are no longer taking this into account and advertisers are redirected from the overlay grid page to other pages.

If you still have doubts on how your ad should look, read this article by Facebook representatives about best practices in ads.

What do you think of the change that Facebook has made? Is it helpful for you as a marketer or business owner? Do you think it will be easier now to express with more text on your ads?

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