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6 Ways To Make A Truly Engaging Video

If you’ve managed to find a way to successfully incorporate cute cats in your brand or product video, congratulations! You may have just stumbled upon the golden formula to fail-proof engaging...

Viral Video of the Week: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

  The Viral Video of the last Week and the the most shared clip of this Top 3 Viral Videos is the new sexy video clip from Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball.  After...

How YouTube Marketing is Useful for B2B Organization?

What is YouTube marketing? We all are very much familiar with YouTube for watching funny videos, comedy shows, thriller videos, learning videos or much more. But, nowadays YouTube is a great tool...

5 Proven Types of Social Media Videos That Should Be Staple Content

Video is without a doubt the most engaging type of content on social media and generates 1,200% more shares than text and images put together. That may sound staggering but it...

Viral Video of the Week: Ylvis – The Fox

  On this week's Top 3 Viral Video of the Week edition, we have the total number of shares more than double from our last edition of Viral Video.  With almost 1,5 million...
Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Best Practices: A Complete List for Marketers

Whether you’re a seasoned social media marketer or a novice, there’s one thing you absolutely need to know: social media best practices. 

Viral Video of the Week: I Forgot My Phone

  The most shared clip and the Viral Video of the last week is an alert video about using smartphones in excess this days. The YouTube clip is called: "I Forgot My...

Top 21 Most Popular Social Media Sites You Need to Know

How many big social media platforms do you know? Let us guess - you immediately thought of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,...

Viral Video of the week: Fast & Furious 6

  On the first position from this Monday's Top 3 Viral Videos of last week, we find the latest trailer from Fast & Furious 6 - Extended First Look. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker...

Gangnam Style passed 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Korean singer Psy and his sensational song: "Gangnam Style" official became the first video ever to hit a billion views on YouTube.  Gangnam Style passed 1 Billion Views on YouTube   “Gangnam Style” was...

Google Launches YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Remember YouTube Red? It will become history, as Google is splitting its premium YouTube Red into two different services: YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. What does this mean? What will the...

The Incredible Growth of Internet Usage between: 1984-2013 (Infographic)

Internet evolved a lot in the last three decades. For example: in 1984 there were around 1,000 hosts at universities and corporate labs. The global internet population reached 2.1 billion people...

Top Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Preview

Today at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS is the Super Bowl XLVII. If you hadn't time or money to buy a $3,000  ticket to this year Super Bowl in the Superdome...

Top 20 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2015

Super Bowl XLIX was carried out on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale (Arizona) and determined the champion of the American National Football League (NFL) for the 2014...

Why And How To Implement SEO For YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most used search engine after Google. It is an enormous, untapped traffic source and has almost limitless potential. But how do you get people to watch your video...

Viral Video Of The Week: Psy – Gentleman

"Gentleman" is the second song of Korean singer Psy and also the Viral Video Clip of the Week. Psy is better known for his first song: "Gangnam Style" which became the...

2019 Social Media Marketing Tips From 16 Marketing Experts (Video Answers)

There are some social media marketing tips that are very important, but you overlook them because they do not seem important to you. Sometimes a useful social media tip that...

19 Smart Ways To Use Video For Your Business (Infographic)

Creating high-quality video content can be a challenge. Videography or even video editing is not as common a skill as blog writing, and video is more expensive to outsource than photographs and...


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