2019 Social Media Marketing Tips From 16 Marketing Experts (Video Answers)

There are some social media marketing tips that are very important, but you overlook them because they do not seem important to you. Sometimes a useful social media tip that you add to your social media marketing strategy can boost your traffic to your website, your engagement, and can attract more prospects and finally more clients.

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that discovers what people are saying online in real-time about your brand across the web, from social networks to influential publishers. This time they have helped us find out what other social media experts are saying about the Most Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2019. When I asked them about their tip, they said: “listen, react, control and analyze”. 

Here are some questions that you probably haven’t thought about or even if you have, you didn’t find a concrete answer that you could put into practice:

  • Is the content on my blog credible, useful and will it make my visitor want to come again to read more articles on my blog?
  • How is my customer’s experience with my marketing?
  • Do I have consistency on my business marketing channels?
  • Do I have an influencer marketing plan for 2019?
  • Do I have a video marketing strategy for this year?
  • How can I integrate automation or even artificial intelligence tools in my marketing strategy in order to reach new (website traffic, sales etc.) heights this year?
  • Do I have sufficient online one-on-one interactions in order to receive more feedback from my customers?

In order to find relevant answers for the above questions and many other useful 2019 social media marketing tips, I’ve asked 16 of the most known marketing experts. 

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Which is the Most Important Social Media Marketing Tip for 2019?

Jessika Phillips
Founder & Relationship Marketing System


The most important trend in social media for 2019 is to focus on creating “craveable” relationship focused content.

Once you know your audience and your goals for the year; the next step is to commit to saying “no” to just creating content for the sake of creating it.

Commit to creating the type of content that your audience would find entertaining, educational, engaging and will leave them wanting more.  Create what’s craveable!

What will keep your ideal audience coming back for more. What will make them want to care and share it out?

How can you use your content as a relationship builder for your audience to get to know you, like you, trust you and ultimately want to refer you on to others?

How can you create collaborative content that can include others that are like-minded to really amp it up and give them a reason to want to share it out?

How can you use Social Media to build a stronger understanding of who you are, what you do, who you help and why you do it. If you can use your channels to feature craveable content that translates this message in a fun and helpful way – you will build a stronger brand, more ROI and ultimately brand loyalty.

Ted Rubin
The Rubin Organization


Customer Experience with our Marketing… we worry all the time about customer experience with our employees, product, purchase, and service, BUT we have overlooked a critical [part of the customer expereince… how our marketing affects them. We’ve got data coming out of our ears, so tracking the results of our marketing efforts in terms of dollars and cents is becoming easier and easier. However, all these efforts only measure the upside of banging consumers over the head (how many more clicks, shares, engagements, and ultimately sales, do we get). No regard is given to the downside numbers. What we’re NOT tracking is the point at which our customers turn from just annoyed, to fed up with our bot stalking and algorithm tweaking. 

I think we need to spend as much time finding ways to track the negative effect of our marketing efforts as we do the positive ones. Every brand that continues to bang your customers or followers over the head again, and again, and again – without regard to the damage it is doing to brand equity – is going to suffer as we move forward in this customer, “my media my way”, world. 

Marketing will truly win when humans control the machines, instead of the machines controlling the humans. 

#RetailRelevancy… #NoLetUp!

Sandra Clayton
Founder Conversion Minded


Don’t do what others are doing because it’s trending. The video might work for some brands but if you can blog regularly instead, do that. The most important thing is to stay consistent (if you need help with this, social media management tools are great for saving time, staying on top of your analytics, and many other incredible advantages, especially for teams).

Neal Schaffer
CEO, PDCA Social


Collaborations with influencers are the best way to incite word-of-mouth around your brand and source user-generated content.

Andy Crestodina
Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer


In 2019 the highest performing social media posts (the posts with the highest engagement, the posts that drive the most traffic to content) will be video posts. Most marketers still don’t do this well.

The marketers getting the best results have turned their desks into tiny studios. Here’s mine:

Rather than spending 2 minutes making a social media post, I spend 20 minutes making a tiny 1-minute commercial for the article I’m promoting. In the end, the post is a minor masterpiece of social media, and includes all of the following

  • A one-minute video describing the article with captions
  • Headline with a number
  • Secondary headline, with explicit benefits
  • Mentions of people who contributed a quote to the article
  • Hashtags, quotes, line breaks, special characters, etc.
  • A link to the article with campaign tracking code

It is 10x as much work and gets 100x the results. I’ve described the entire process with examples of results in this post. This was my most effective social media tactic in 2018 and I’ll be in the minority of content marketers who do this in 2019. 

Miri Rodriguez
Storyteller at Microsoft


Build empathy as part of your content mix. Ask yourself every time if your content is empathetic to your audience. Empathy is a soft skill that should be developed more and more as bots and automation take over.

Jason Falls
Director of Digital Strategy


Thinking beyond one influencer at a time or influencers in isolation for results.

Matei Psatta
Co-founder TPS Engage


Don’t get on the hype train, take time to decide if something you’re seeing is a trend or a fad and act accordingly. Just because it sounds cool and it’s new doesn’t mean you should immediately jump on it.

Gini Dietrich
Founder and Author


The most important social media marketing tip for 2019 from my perspective is data, data, data. And I know that’s not necessarily a marketing tip, but because we are all getting really savvy with digital marketing, we’re all getting really savvy with social and the tools and technologies tend to switch.

It’s still the same kind of strategy and philosophy. So use data to be able to predict what it is that you need to do. Use data to be able to help you make really fast decisions and use data to help you in some cases, rip off the bandaid really fast before you spend more money than you need to.

Jeff Korhan
Founder of Landscape Digital Institute


The top social media marketers in 2019 will master marketing tactics combinations. They will rely heavily on video to perfect their brand voice. They will use paid advertising to test its effectiveness. And so on.

Marji J. Sherman
Founder, Sherman Social


Going back to basics is my biggest tip for social media marketing in 2019. Brands need to spend less time following hip trends and more time cultivating 1:1 relationship with their consumers.

After all, that’s why social media became popular in the first place: personalization. 

Julia Campbell
Chief Digital Storyteller


My most important social media marketing tip for 2019 is get uncomfortable and start being more authentic and human.

Experiment with social media platform features that may not be the best in terms of proving ROI for sales, but help build an energized and excited community of people willing to spread the word about your brand.

Try out Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube Stories to go behind-the-scenes in your business. Answer hard questions. Interact in real time with your audience and your customers.

Do not focus on pushing out your desired messages, your promotions, and your sales. Focus on building a community by truly connecting on a human level with them.

Viveka von Rosen
Chief Visibility Officer


I think the most important thing you can do, if you are a B2B company, or an entrepreneur, or own your own business, is play within the LinkedIn space. And most importantly, play within the native video space.

Why? Because LinkedIn just likes native video. Anything you do via Native video is going to get higher views in the algorithm. That means more visibility for you.

One of the best ways to use Native Video is to showcase your expertise in some way, position yourself as a thought leader or a trusted advisor.  If you’re going to use native video, don’t forget about the description section. Use all 1300 characters and make your description a mini blog post (because some people would rather red the text than watch the video once LinkedIn puts it in their feed.)

Make sure to tag relevant people, and use hashtags as well.

So, don’t be afraid of the camera. It’s going to be more important than ever in 2019 to be using video on LinkedIn, as well as your other social platforms.

Ravi Shukle
Social Media Coach


Build personal relationships with your customers and be consistent with your content across all platforms.

Flo Le Mens
Social Media Advisor, Blogger


Stay away from the Newsfeed(s). Either Facebook Newsfeed, the most famous of all or the rest. Facebook runs out of News Feed space. So be smarter with your content with Stories and messaging.

Virginia Zuloaga
Founder of Brieffin Consulting


Every brand needs to be social online. Social media tools and rules keep changing, so, when you decide to get in, you need to be all in. Assign the resources and the commitment that creating, and delivering relevant content requires.