Social Media News

Social Media News

Facebook Is Testing Topics for Watch

With the new Facebook redesign, it seems that the social network is also changing algorithms and wants to deliver relevant videos to its audience and make Watch the place...

Apple Blocks Facebook Update

You might have already heard of the Epic Games vs Apple, where the gaming company has accused Apple of taking 30% of the fees for games and, to be...

TikTok Unveils the Number of Users in the US

You might have already heard about the scandal that has arisen in the US and its main participants: TikTok and the US President, Donald...

Facebook Brings Shops Within Their App

You are for sure aware of the existence of Marketplace on Facebook, but what you must know is that recently Facebook has also launched a new feature for e-commerce...
Instagram QR code

Instagram Adds QR Codes

There was a time when almost everyone thought that the QR code is dead. Or barely used. But now, with the pandemic we live in, it seems that more...

Keeping Up with Trends: Instagram Reels Available Worldwide

You know we have been talking about Instagram Reels when they were available in few markets all around the world, but the big buzz now is that Facebook has...
New Chat Plugin for Messenger

New Chat Plugin for Messenger. See What it Does

Many businesses all around the world use chat plugins to get in touch with their customers. They are of all sorts and types. Some use authentication, some don't. But...

Snapchat Emulates TikTok’s Music-Powered Feature

You might have already heard that President Trump is planning to ban TikTok and other Chinese corporations in the US due to data privacy concerns. And all those statements...
Twitter Bans Links that Contain Hate Messages

Twitter Bans Links that Contain Hate Messages

In a world dominated by hate, bullying and misleading information, the social media networks are doing efforts in blocking those types of content and try to get people informed...
New Design for Facebook Pages

New Design for Facebook Pages – Follow Instead of Like

Remember last year when Instagram announced they will hide the likes on posts in their feed? And make them available only for the one that posted an update and...
Personal Fundraising on Instagram

Personal Fundraising Are Being Tested on Instagram

In times when fundraising is getting more and more popularity and Facebook fundraisers seem to get more and more traction, it was high time for Instagram to get into...
Snap Minis

Snap Minis Are Here to Stay

Remember last month's Snap Partner Summit announcement of the Snap Minis? They have announced the launch of four of those mini-apps that are to be found in the Snap...
New Redesigned Instagram Shop

The New Redesigned Instagram Shop Has Been Launched and It’s Powered by Facebook Pay

Starting last year there were all those news and rumors that Instagram will launch its own shop, but until now nothing was for sure. Earlier this month, Instagram has...
Instagram Pinned Comments

Instagram Pinned Comments is Now Available To All Profiles

Back in May, Instagram was testing a new feature: pinned comments on profiles. It seems it has been a success and, after users gave feedback, they are releasing it...

LinkedIn Adds a New Audio Feature To Help People Pronounce Correctly Others’ Names

You know how frustrating is when people pronounce your name incorrectly. And it happens to you as well with other people. And there is nothing to be judged here.  
Shoppable AR from Snapchat - Gucci

New Shoppable AR from Snapchat

Remember when we were telling you about the news the Snap Partner Summit will bring for the social network? There many and covering multiple fields. Some of them are...
TikTok for Business

TikTok for Business Has Arrived

Just like any other social media network, it was high time for TikTok to launch a platform for businesses. They had until now the...
Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels Arrive to More Markets

Last year, Instagram was launching Reels in Brazil. What is Reels you might ask? Well, it is Tik Tok's competitor, meaning short format videos - 15 seconds long -...


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