You Can Share Live Videos on Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram is trying to integrate the Direct Messages feature more and more and encourage users to use it to communicate. Recently, Facebook has linked Instagram contacts to its Messenger contacts. In the last update that has already started rolling out, Instagram lets you share videos in direct messages: whether you want to record a video yourself and send it to one of your followers; or you want to share a live video that streams in your feed, you will be able to do so from now on. The feature is available for both individual users or groups.


How can you share Live Videos on Instagram Direct Messages?

When you go live, just tap the Direct button at the bottom of your screen and send the live videos to your friends. You can choose to which friends you want to send the live video or send it to your entire list. If you want the whole process to be more interactive, you can also choose to go live with a friend.
Once you sent a video, the receiver will see it in the Direct Message section. When you are done with the live video, your friends will see a message that says the video is over. So your friends will be able to see the video just when you are live. If you have a private account, just the ones that follow you can see the video.
If you don’t want to share your live videos with your friends through Direct messaging, you can change the settings at any time in your stories settings.
If you are a receiver, you can also share a live video you received or you are watching through the same mechanism. Just tap the Direct icon at the bottom of your screen and send it to whomever you want to see it.
The company states that this is a new way of interacting with your friends that allows you to share videos that you think that might be interesting for them. And also a new way of spending time with your friends.
This update can also mean a lot for businesses, encouraging them to use the Live Video feature more to showcase products, get in touch with the teams behind a company and also encourage interaction. Because you can comment or react to the live videos that are shared with you.
What do you think about this new update? Will you use it as an individual user or for your business?
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