Instagram Live Update: Request to Join a Live Video

The power of video is increasing day by day and it is no wonder that all the social media networks are doing their best to improve the users’ experience within the platforms.
Instagram has now launched a new feature for the live videos: Instagram users can request to join a live video with a friend. This move comes after the October’s update on live videos when they introduced the possibility of joining a live video with a friend when you invited one to do so. Now, users that follow a live video can request to join it and broadcast together with their friends.


How do you request to join a live video with a friend on Instagram?

In order to request to join a live video, you must first start watching it and then tap the “Request” button in the comments section. If your friend accepts the request, you will see a confirmation notification and have a moment to get ready. Then the procedure is the same as in the October update: the screen splits in two and you can leave the chat at any time: whether you just wanted to say hi to the audience or have a longer chat, it is you who decides.
As a host, you will see all the requests from your audience and you can choose who to join you in your live video. You just have to tap the “View” button to see all the requests and pick the one that you would like to join you in the live transmission. You will still be able to choose someone that hasn’t requested to join the live video. You can, at any time, to remove a guest and add a new one, or accept a new request from one of your followers.

When you are done with the live broadcasting, you can choose to save it as a story that will be available for 24 hours or just discard it and the video will disappear from Instagram, as usual.
With this update, Instagram improves the interaction between users, whether they are friends or just followers, making it easier to get in touch with someone you miss or admire.
From a professional point of view, if you are a personality, an influencer or a business that wants to let their fans get to know the team members, you should think of having those kinds of live sessions in which you invite your audience to get in touch with you. Think of it as a new and improved way of getting in touch with your fans, apply a new strategy and they will love you.
The new version is available in both App Store and Google Play.
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