Facebook and Instagram are testing a new integration between platforms: Instagram contacts integrated into Facebook Messenger, in order to keep their users in a loop. This integration comes after the cross-posting stories between Instagram and Facebook, being the latest one.

Now it will be easier for users to chat with their contacts from Instagram, a feature that has been missing on the desktop until now. It is true that Instagram was born as a mobile app, but after being acquired by Facebook, a change has been made the moment they launched the desktop version. And this move they’ve made is beneficial, taking into consideration that Messenger is also a web platform.

It is true that when a user wants to connect his or her Instagram contacts to messenger has to do it on mobile first, but then conversations can be taken to the web platform afterward.

via TechCrunch

So how will you be able to add your Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger?

Go to the Facebook Messenger app and visit the “People” tab. There will be a new option, “Connect to Instagram”, which will allow you to add your followers to the Messenger app. If you are a newbie to Messenger, you will be able to do so when signing up for the platform.

If you are worried about being spammed by people that follow you on Instagram, you don’t have to. Because only the users you are following back will be able to contact you via Messenger.

via TechCrunch

Messaging apps are more and more used, so this multi-platform integration from Facebook and Instagram is welcomed. How many times have you been frustrated that, when you are talking to a friend on Instagram, you always had to check your phone while being on your laptop? With this new update, this frustration will disappear. Instagram messenger has been used by more than 375 million users since April this year, so it seems that the move that Facebook made with this update comes to help users on both Instagram and Messenger to easily communicate.

The update has not been yet officially launched, but a group of beta testers has already begun testing it and it might be released in the near future.

What do you think about this new update from Facebook? Have you been waiting for it?


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