5 Years of Hot in Social Media


5 years ago on a special day (12.12.12), I launched this Hot in Social Media blog with the main purposed to learn more about SEO and blogging in general.

I’m happy to see that all blog’s numbers had an organically increase in the last year and we reached 1.000 articles this month, which is pretty cool.

In a couple of days, I’ll publish a number of useful article about 2018 Digital Marketing Predictions from top Social Media Experts as I did in the last 3 years.

Here are a couple of interesting HotinSocialMedia.com statistics regarding this 5 Years of Hot in Social Media milestone.


5 Years of Hot in Social Media Statistics

50.000+ followers from all our channels
2.200+ images

1.000+ articles

200+ contributors


Top 10 popular articles in 5 years of Hot in Social Media

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5. The Evolution of Instagram
6. How Often Should You Change Your Social Media Profile Pictures?
7. How can I see who watched my Facebook live?
8. Devil Baby Attack: Viral Campaign Of The Week
9. How To Use Trello For Social Media Planning And Scheduling?
10. 20 Expert Opinions About the Most Important Social Media Trends in 2015
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