Follow Hashtags on Instagram

Ever since its beginnings, Instagram has introduced a way people can find photos related to the ones that they posted by searching for specific hashtags. With the importance of hashtags that the social network has given, it is a natural step for Instagram to introduce a way of following hashtags in their latest update.
Whenever they post a photo or a video on Instagram, users use specific hashtags as a description. Whether you have an interest in architecture, nature, food or fun, you can find related photos or videos just by looking for the hashtags specific to your point of interest.
With the latest Instagram update, community members are now able to follow hashtags on Instagram. It uses the same mechanism as when you follow a friend or a business.

How to follow Hashtags on Instagram?

First, you must look for a topic or several topics you are interested in on Instagram. Or you can choose to follow a hashtag that you use because it is definitely something you want to follow. You will see the relevant hashtags you were looking for, together with the accounts that posted materials related to the hashtag you are searching for. Whenever you find a hashtag that you might like or might have an interest in and want to follow, you must open the hashtag page and touch the “follow” button. After you have done all those steps, you will see top posts containing that hashtag in your personal feed and stories in the stories bar. If you feel you are no longer interested in a certain topic you started following, you can choose at any time to unfollow a hashtag. There is no limit in the number of hashtags that you can follow.
If you are not sure what hashtags to follow, you can always be inspired by the people you follow. You can see on their profiles the hashtags they chose to follow and follow them as well.
Using the same algorithm as for the people you are already following, hashtags you want to follow will also be available to your followers, if you have a private profile. If your profile is public, everyone can see the hashtags you are following.
Instagram says that the new feature of the app is just a first step in the process of introducing tools that help the community create relationships and be inspired, even though its members are not from the same country or even continent.
What do you think about this new Instagram feature? Will you use it?
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