Instagram Creators Account Helps People Become More Engaged

Instagram launched yesterday a new Instagram Creators Account in order to give tips and tricks to their users on how to create more engaging content or how to make the best out of the content they use to create and how to become more active on the platform – which would be a big advantage for both of them, meaning users and the platform itself.

How does Instagram Creators Account work?

First, in order to keep up with the information they are sharing, you must follow the account – if getting better on Instagram is part of your future plans.

There are, to start with, seven influencers that have joined the club and mentioned by Instagram in their story: @adamw, @lalamilan, @susiemeoww, @brycexavier, @shalomblac, @indiana and @laurengodwin.

We are sure that many others will join the story in the near future.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about any of those influencers, we know they can share valuable information about how to create content and other tips and tricks that will be of help for your Instagram strategy for the future.

Instagram has highlighted some stories with frequently asked questions where they are trying to answer questions they receive in direct messages. Even though there are lots of them, they try to focus – for the moment – on the most asked ones, like “How do I get verified on Instagram?”, “How do I get access to a feature everybody has but me?”, “How do I get help with Instagram?”, “How do I filter comments I don’t want on my feed?” and many more. 

The ones that answer those questions are both Instagram representatives and the influencers that have joined the campaign. 

What do you think about this new Instagram account? Do you think it comes to help creators and give them a hand to create meaningful content on the platform? Will this be a + for Instagram when comparing it to YouTube for creators?

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