11 Years of Hot in Social Media

Every year on December 12 we celebrate another birthday of our social media marketing blog. Today is the 11th birthday since our website was launched and it has been an exciting year with plenty of events in the social media ecosystem.

The hottest topic of 2023 (as you can see in the Google Trends image below) was about ChatGPT and the new wave of artificial intelligence tools and features that started to be introduced more and more in all kinds of tools (for marketers, designers, etc.)

ChatGPT now has 180+ million users worldwide and 100+ million people use ChatGPT every week. Their latest update: GPT-4 was launched on March 14, 2023, and costs $20/month.

Although it’s a great tool and it will give you relevant and detailed answers (if you ask specific questions), it has some issues, especially with its feature of generating new images.

For this 11 years of Hot in Social Media article I wanted to generate one relevant image that could have these specific requirements: 

  • the logo from HotinSocialMedia.com 
  • the text: 11 years, anniversary
  • image with people who are celebrating at a party

In the first 2 images the word “anniversary” was written wrong as “Yieairs” and “Ynyesrsjy”.

In the next 3 images the word “anniversary” was written wrong (with 3 “n”s) as “annniversary”.

The sixth attempt to generate a new image for my article had the wrong text again: “anniviersary”:

When I wrote to GPT-4 that I didn’t want any additional text, it finally generated 3 images without misspelling words in them:

And my last attempt to generate an image for this article was the most successful one, without any wrong text, included the number 11, brand name, and beautiful colors:

11 Years of Hot in Social Media

Conclusion: GPT-4 is a great tool you can use to generate text and images but for now it has some small issues that can be solved in the future most likely. 

Because I’m a full-time marketer (who loves data and statistics), here are a few statistics and also the most popular articles since I launched this blog 11 years ago.

11 Years of Hot in Social Media Statistics

🎬 5,000+ images & videos

💻 1,500+ articles

👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼 300+ contributors

💡 2 free digital marketing tools

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