LinkedIn Adds Live Videos and Polls Features to Encourage Engagement

Remote working seems to stay on track and no one knows for how long, so LinkedIn, the professional social network continues on doing improvements and adding a new feature that would keep its users engaged, even if they don’t see each other that often in person during this pandemic.

So let’s see how LinkedIn tries to encourage engagement and what other new features they have launched.

LinkedIn Adds Live Videos and Polls Features

1. LinkedIn Polls

User’s opinions have always been important and some of them might be shy and not always express themselves in comments. 

LinkedIn have launched polls, a new way of interaction with businesses you follow or other people in your network. 

Either ones have now the possibility to add a poll to their profile and though help people interact even more. Why is this? Because polls are somehow private – only the person or page administrators can see the answer to the question.

linkedin polls

You may add up to 4 possible options to the poll and its duration can vary from 24 hours, 3 days and up to 1 week. 

Besides the question the respondents have to answer and the poll options, you can also add a larger description to it and explain why you have started it. You can also add hashtags to the post, so your poll will appear in searches. 

Of course, users can also add comments to polls and it is recommended to do so.

2. LinkedIn Online Events

One move that is expected from all the social media networks is to implement an online events feature and it seems that LinkedIn has already done it. They have implemented two types of LinkedIn events:

a. LinkedIn Live

Increase engagement by streaming live events on the platform: showcase a new product, introduce your team or celebrate a milestone.

In order to start a live broadcasting – whether we are talking about a personal profile or a business page, you must first apply on the link here. After the acceptance is confirmed, you can start the live.

b. LinkedIn Events

And the second feature regarding live videos is within events: create an online event for your community and not only and then start the live broadcasting or upload your previously recorded video. The event can be either public or private. 

Your event will appear on your LinkedIn page, so possible attendees see it when they visit your business page or profile.

linkedin events

Soon enough they will implement new features to LinkedIn Events, such as discoverability in the “My Network” tab and creation of ads for an event you are organizing.

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