Visual Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketers

We are slightly into the second week of 2017. Believe it or not, there is a lot of buzz around new years resolution, digital marketing trends and as well as (yes)...

A Quick Beginner Guide to Setting Up Instagram Business Profile

It’s been a year since Instagram announced its business tools, offering the companies a new platform to advertise and grow their customer base. And surprisingly, Instagram is proving to provide higher...
Instagram Threads

Instagram Updates Threads, Puts Focus on Closed Friends

It seems like Instagram is doing lots of changes to its Messenger app, trying to enhance people to spend even more time on the social network chatting with friends,...

Instagram Creators Account Helps People Become More Engaged

Instagram launched yesterday a new Instagram Creators Account in order to give tips and tricks to their users on how to create more engaging...

How To Create A Collection On Instagram?

I love Instagram not because it is a very visual social media platform; it evolves so drastically that I find it really amusing, especially for a social media consultant like me. Today...

Instagram ‘Data Download’ is a New Tool to Export your Instagram Data

Instagram has now a new tool, called ”Data Download”, which allows its users to download the data they have uploaded to the platform. Whether we are talking about photos, videos, stories,...

Countdown Sticker to Instagram Stories

In an attempt to be even more interactive, Instagram is introducing more and more stickers and functionalities. This time, it is a new countdown sticker that...
Instagram Ads Without a Facebook Account

Create Instagram Ads Without a Facebook Account

Do you remember the times when Instagram was an independent social network with fewer ads and more authentic content? Well, those times ended back in...

Fan Badges for Instagram Live Are Being Tested

What Instagram is testing right now is not new for other social networks such as Twitch, Twitter and even Facebook, but it is yet another incentive for fans to...

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Instagram

Instagram has gained a lot of attention lately, especially in the business industry. And there are a lot of small businesses, big businesses and industrial brands that are using Instagram in...

1 Billion Monthly Users on Instagram

Starting this month (June 2018) there are 1 billion monthly users on Instagram. Reports say that last September there were 800M users, with 500M active daily users. What does this mean...

The Many Faces of Social Media

  If your business is on Facebook, good work. But the social media pat on the back doesn’t come from a fan page anymore. Times are changing. Companies are permeating online social...

Instagram Introduced Hashtags and Profile Links in Bio

A long-awaited feature was implemented recently by Instagram: adding hashtags and profile links in bio. Those new features were added in order to help users better express themselves and show others topics they...

Pinterest vs Instagram From the Leads Generation Perspective

Pinterest and Instagram are two photo sharing platforms that aren’t so different from each other. Even if they might be somehow alike, they are not identical. In order to see the...
Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Best Practices: A Complete List for Marketers

Whether you’re a seasoned social media marketer or a novice, there’s one thing you absolutely need to know: social media best practices. 

2019 Tips for Writing the Best Instagram Captions

It’s a hard balance to strike when trying to captivate an audience with your Instagram captions and photos. On one side of the spectrum, you want the world to note how your subject looks...

How To Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram marketing is no longer a secret. Your business needs to be on Instagram regardless whatever industry you are in. As of this year (2017), Instagram has 600 million active users on...

7 Best Analytic Tools To Monitor And Measure Instagram Campaigns

Visual marketing is not a term as commonly used as SEO, link building, or content marketing, but it always plays an important part because images and videos get more engagement. True,...


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