Social Media Tools For Agency Level

Running a bootstrap digital marketing agency isn’t the easiest job on the planet. You are constantly thinking about clients acquisition, sales, client’s retention and budget. Trust me; it can get messy real fast.
One of the biggest concern, when I was starting an agency (share partnership), is finding the right social media tools for agency level.
In this post, I’m going to share with you some of the top tools you can be using for your agency with budget and performance in mind.

Social Media Tools For Agency Level


Buffer is one of the top social media tools used by both prominent social media influencers to agency level. I even wrote a guide about Buffer which you can find in this post.
What I love about Buffer is the ability to easily schedule posts on a various social media platform. And the keyword here is “easily”.
Do you know that the most social media marketers are busy and lack of time? Finding just a minute to schedule posts on social media platform can really drive you nuts.
With the help of Buffer, you can schedule posts on the go (thanks to their mobile app), through their official platform or use browser extension.
Buffer’s browser extension is simply powerful because you have more scheduling power compared to via their platform. As odd as it sounds, you just need to try the Buffer’s browser extension and you can thank me later!
Lastly, Buffer is affordable, starting at $10 per month for small timers and growing from $99 per month for agency level.


Hootsuite had redesigned a lot of its feature and while it is a great social media tool, some users are unhappy with the features. As Hootsuite got their much-needed redesign, they tend to be slightly on the upper hand when it comes to social media tools.
Their smallest paid version no longer offer a huge range of account and much bigger plans are much more worth it for agencies.
However, make no mistake with Hootsuite. Its latest features are able to take your social media marketing to whole new level. For example, you can schedule posts while running unique campaigns such as contests directly through Hootsuite.
For social media marketers who want a lot of features under one roof, Hootsuite is definitely a good choice to start with.
For pricing, Hootsuite in the mid-tier and still one of the favorable ones for me.


I read about eClincher a couple of time and I was interested in trying it. The results were very positive, to be honest!
With eClincher, you can do pretty much a lot of things like schedule and analytics. The unique part is the auto posting and recycling posts which are huge time savers. Besides that, eClincher has unified social box which helps to compile conversations which you need to reply to. Instead of going through the platform by platform, you can easily reply everything under one roof!
Another unique feature of eClincher is the inbuilt visual marketing tools. Yes, you can access tools such as Canva and Giphy directly from the eClincher’s dashboard.
Now, think about this. This tool allows you to do more thing faster and more efficient in ways you cannot image!

Meet Edgar

Edgar is one of the recent social media tools for agency level. I was lucky to be invited into their beta version (earlier days) and it is very effective with the recycling post.
Scheduling posts on Edgar are very simple and let’s be honest, it is a no-brainer and extremely beginner friendly. As Meet Edgar works with multiple content libraries, you can easily schedule content based on library and category.
Plus, you will get the traditional option of sharing the post only once which is extremely powerful for time-sensitive social media posts.
Currently, Meet Edgar costs $79 per month and it is still well below the $100 mark. Therefore, I would consider Meet Edgar as one of the most valuable social media tool based on its feature and pricing.


Lumen5 turns text into stunning social media videos in minutes. It does this automatically by analyzing the text through AI and putting the best music, video, and images together accordingly.
Lumen5 has a great media library with millions of free media files from where you will for sure find a suitable video for your next social media post.
At this moment there is a free package with 5 videos you can create every month.


I’m surprised that Socialoomph isn’t one of the top social media tools for agencies but I find this tool extremely powerful.
Generally, Socialoomph works with multiple social media platforms but the most effective ones are still Twitter. With Socialoomph, you can create content and post them based on pretty much unlimited social media accounts. What makes this unique is the ability to use the spinning capability.
For example, the sentence “The best platform is Facebook” can easily be divided into different sentences such as:

  • “The ultimate platform is Facebook”
  • “The most common platform is Facebook”
  • “The recommended platform is Facebook”

The above can be achieved with the following setup:
“The {best|ultimate|most common|recommended} platform is Facebook”
Now, you can use spinning on Facebook or any other social media platforms but it is highly not recommended except for Twitter. The simple fact is that Twitter timeline is constantly refreshing and updating. Therefore, it is common to see one tweet that lasts for only 5 seconds.
If your agency is focusing heavily on Twitter, try Socialoomph and I’m sure you will find it useful. The only downside is the ability to track. Of course, there is inbuilt tracking system but it is not complete. To solve this, replace the URL’s with tracking URL’s. It is much easier and will work much better in a long run!


I don’t think there is a better social media platform than AgoraPulse. For starters, it is affordable and extremely simple to use. AgoraPulse’s dashboard allows you to add all your client’s social media platform under one roof. This means that you can easily manage them without pulling a hair! Plus, it helps you to save time too.
AgoraPulse is also a great option especially when you need to use multiple tools and analytics. AgoraPulse offers a wide range of free social media tools to benchmark a specific brand. One example is the Facebook Page Barometer.
AgoraPulse starts at $49 per month for a small plan and has bigger plans to cater for larger agencies.

Over to you

The above are some of the best social media tools for agency level. Did I miss any social media tools? Leave a comment and share it around!
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