Socialoomph – The Controversial Writeup

Important Disclaimer: This post is going to be very controversial, and you’ve been warned.
You may hear about Socialoomph, or maybe you have not. Either way, here’s what you need to know. Socialoomph is one of the most efficient social media automation tool known to humanity. And I’m not anywhere near of making a joke out of it.
Before we dive further into the topic, I want to touch a little about social media automation, namely Facebook and Twitter.
You probably heard about how bad social media automation is and why you should avoid it at all cost. But before you even think about that. Scroll down your Facebook and Twitter timeline.
Do you know noticed how many people are using social media automation?
The truth is, many people say they don’t do {something}, but they are in fact doing it. In most cases, it is just empty talks.
Don’t believe? Allow me to share with you, my recent experience.
A few days back, I co-founded a digital agency with my partner. While we had this plan a few months back, getting everything setup was pretty much pain in the a*s. The biggest problem was the name and long story short; we decided to stick to Marketing Lancers.
I was in charge of the client’s acquisition and onboarding, and my biggest challenge was to find clients through social media. Btw I want to recommend you the new onboarding software from that you can try it for free.
Being a ‘Twitter guy’ for over a decade, I knew the true power of it … until rumors that it is going down and bla-bla-bla. Not sure which stance to take, I decided to reach out to a few influencers, and the rest are self-explanatory below:

Long story short, if you think social media automation is bad, well … you can carry on thinking on that. For those who want to put social media automation on 5th gear, this is the post for you.

What is Socialoomph?

It is important to note that I’m not going to show you screenshots of Socialoomph backend as this isn’t a review. However, I may add a few whenever necessary.
Socialoomph is a social media tool that helps you schedule post. It works like a charm and the backend is very simple. I mean, it is so simple that it may just be a little challenging for new joins! Nonetheless, trust me that it is pretty easy and the learning curve is minuscule.

Connectivity power through Socialoomph

Surprisingly, Socialoomph connects to a whole lot of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more. The dominant part about Socialoomph is that it allows you to connect to as many as possible social media accounts within just one flat rate.
Now, if you are running a digital agency like I do, you’ll be thankful. Seriously.
Now, take a look at Socialoomph’s competitors and what they are offering:

  • Buffer – 10 accounts
  • Hootsuite – 50 accounts
  • Meet Edgar – 10 accounts

As you can see above, the unlimited social media accounts is a huge bump for that Socialoomph can offer.

Okay, no more guesses. Socialoomph comes with three plans; free, limited and professional. Paid plans are charged from $6.97 every two weeks and the highest is $17.97)

I don’t know about you, but for me, the price is really … That good!

Socialoomph Reservoir

This is one feature that most users don’t use or even aware of. Socialoomph Reservoir is a feature that allows you to create multiple posts and keep in it. You can set the time, duration and number of repeats you want for that particular post before it self-deletes or recontinues the cycle.
In other words, your social media accounts will never be empty!
Socialoomph also allows you the ultimate joystick control to determine which posts get shared on social media platforms. This means that you won’t have similar posts that are going out on all social media platforms.

Pretty cool, right?

Socialoomph automation

This is where the real power of Socialoomph comes into play. For the record, this can easily be manipulated and therefore, you should always reconsider your strategy before ‘abusing’ this feature.
Just like any other social media tools out there, Socialoomph allows automation to every platform it is compatible with. But there is a silver lining to this.
You can add spins into the automation to make the posts look more natural. Trust me; this is insane!
Here are some examples:
Check out this post: Link 1
My latest blog post: Link 1
Have you read this yet: Link 1
Once spun, the above will be {Check out this post|My latest blog post|Have you read this yet}: Link 1
Imagine you have three accounts on Twitter, and this will easily create variety in your tweets.
Can you image what Socialoomph can do for you if you have a big blog with over a 1,000 posts?
The option to create multiple spun posts, and you can literally ‘set once and forget’ is very real!

Disadvantages of Socialoomph

Great powers come with great responsibilities and Socialoomph has its disadvantages as well.
The most common one is wrongly spin posts which will lead to some seriously gibberish write-up. Now, this happens, and it could result in a lot of backfires especially when you have the fame or authority in your niche.
Apart from that, setting up on Socialoomph is easy, but once you would want to monitor the settings, it gets challenging. For example, once I have setup my account, I would have roughly around 20 pages to recheck for broken links or mistakes. This is seriously hard work and time-consuming!
Lastly, the biggest turn off using Socialoomph is the bi-weekly payment. While this is a powerful tool, the price is pretty steep especially for startups and new businesses.
Nonetheless, if time is something you seriously need, Socialoomph is probably the best tool in the market that does a whole of things!


Socialoomph is powerful and makes no mistake from it. However, here’s a question for you. How many of you are using Socialoomph or even considering of using it?
Leave a comment below and let’s discuss this further!
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