Facebook Messenger Gets Updates just before Christmas Holidays

According to studies Facebook Messenger is mostly used during Christmas Holidays for sending messages to family and friends. That is why Facebook decided to add new features to its Messenger platform. 

More than 20 million people use Messenger to send messages, photos and videos, so those updates come in help when talking about sharing moods through Messenger.

Let’s see which are those!

New modes in Messenger camera: Boomerang and Selfie

After Instagram’s success with Boomerang, Facebook finally took into consideration introducing it to Messenger as well. So from now on, you won’t have to save your Instagram Boomerang to send it to your friends on Messenger. So try it now and you’ll see a difference. Even the quality of the video might be even more qualitative than the saved from Instagram one.

The selfie mode will put you in focus with the latest update. Whenever you take a photo or record a video with the front camera, you will be in focus whilst the background blurs. 

AR Stickers

Besides the two modes in Messenger camera, Facebook also introduced in the latest update new AR stickers and AR support for stickers. This means that your favorite stickers can now be used outside Messenger in any photo or video you would take. 

How to do this?

Press the camera icon next to the sticker, take a photo or film a video and then add the sticker as an AR object on it. 

There are now three ways of using Messenger’s camera: photo, video, and text. With the latest update, you can get more creative even with the text option: you can customize the background color and use new fonts to create texts.

So those are the updates that come with the latest version of Facebook Messenger. What do you think about them? Do you think they are useful? Will Messenger become the most powerful chat platform?

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