Instagram Will Never Be the Same

The moment for Instagram to change is here. Say goodbye to scroll down when wanting to see new posts on Instagram. Because there is a new way of wandering through your friends’ and followers’ posts: by swiping left.

How does it work?

When you will open your Instagram, all of a sudden, you will get a notification saying that, in order to see new posts, you must tap on the screen. See image below.

This new way of going through posts has been inspired by the way we go through Instagram and Facebook Stories: by tapping the screen.

If you want to read or leave a comment to a post, you must swipe up, just as you did in order to see the posts before.

If you want to move forward to the next posts, you do not have to swipe down, just tap on the screen or swipe left and see what’s new from friends and other people you follow.

What you should be very careful about is when you want to like a photo: double tapping on the screen might take you to next posts instead of liking a certain post you put your eyes on.

Why did Instagram make this change?

Until there is an official statement from Instagram, we can only have a guess: to change the way people interact on the social network, but being influenced by the Stories format.

A good part of the change is that you can see the entire post – photo or video – together with the comments, share and save to collection features in full screen. This way it is easier to interact with the post and also see it better.

We don’t know yet, as we said, why did they do the change and how it will affect or not the way people interact on Instagram.

But what do you think about this update?

Later Edit: It seems it was meant to be a test with some users, in order to receive feedback, but due to some misunderstanding, it went live all over the world.

Few minutes after the release, Instagram did a reverse and the app is now back to what we knew before.

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