Snapchat Launched Snappables

In a world where every app is updating its terms and conditions, Snapchat comes with a different change and introduces Snappables, lenses that allow you to play augmented reality (AR) games. The best part of this is the fact that you are able to play them with your friends. In order to control the game, you can use motion, touch, and even facial moves.

Some games are about fighting aliens, playing basketball, starting a rock and roll band and many more. Snapchat representatives say that new Snappables will be released each week, letting you save your favorites and play them by yourself or with friends.

Where can you find Spannables?

Open your Lenses and there you can find Snappables as well. Choose the one you would like to play and get the game on. If you want and the game permits, you can also invite your friends to join you or even to challenge you or beat your record. There are some games that allow you to send your friends a Snap of you playing and they can jump in and play along with you.

With this move, Snapchat is trying to get people to play together, no matter the distance. Imagine your best friend moved to another city or even continent and you used to play different games when you were together. You can do this now as well, using Snapchat’s latest update.
This new feature was not copied by Instagram yet and this is a specificity that only Snapchat offers. This might come after losing many of its users for Instagram and after the redesign that many have contested.
Will Instagram, seeing this new update from Snapchat, introduce games in Stories or anywhere else throughout the platform? Maybe in lives? This might help gamers that usually do YouTube streaming have yet another platform to keep in touch with their audience and, why not, monetize.
What do you think about the new Snappables feature Snapchat is offering? Will you be using it?

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