Spectacles V2 Is About to Come out

Snapchat has recently announced that they will launch the new Spectacles V2 on May 3rd in the US and some other countries in Europe. They come with improvements after listening to the feedback that came from its users for the first version. They call them: “New Spectacles. Made for Summer.” What does this mean? Let’s find out!


What’s new with Spectacles V2?

If we are talking about the design of the new Spectacles, the thing that has changed is the disappearance of the yellow circle around the camera. Now, when somebody sees you wearing the Spectacles, they won’t know what kind of sunglasses those are. Still, when you are filming of taking a photo, a white circle will appear around the camera, letting the others know you are taking such an action.
Another design improvement is their case, which is now smaller and you can easily put it in your pocket or a small bag. The charging point was moved to the side.
Spectacles are said to have a battery autonomy to record and transfer over 70 videos per week. And the case also allows 4 recharges, when in need.
Another novelty that the second version of Spectacles brings is the fact that you can also take pictures, not only videos. It seems like this came as a request from the users that have the first version and Snapchat has taken this into consideration. So if you want to take a photo, just long press and hold, whilst if you want to record a 10 seconds video, you should tap the button. For videos up to 30 seconds, you should extra tap. Photos are 1642 x 1642 pixels and videos are recorded in 1216 x 1216 pixels. All HD.
Syncing with your phone requires Bluetooth and the transfer time has been reduced by 4 times. As we already said, all the recordings are HD now, so the transfer will be done in HD as well.
The new Spectacles V2 are water resistant, so you can take them to the pool or whenever you go to the beach and want to show your friends moments you have spent there.

Do you own a pair of Spectacles already? Or will you buy this new and improved version?
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