Group Video Calls are Coming to Snapchat

In a moment when the #deletefacebook movement is gaining more and more visibility and adepts, Snapchat seems to introduce more and more features in order to keep their existing audience and to gain new ones.
There are two new features Snapchat will introduce in the near future and we’re going to share them with you.

Group Video Calls

Snapchat has introduced group chats back in 2016, in order to make it more easy for people to communicate. Video chat has been introduced in the same year and Snapchat representatives say that, since then, millions of calls are made every day.
The new feature, that comes two years after the launch of the video chat, allows up to 16 people to join the same conversation. If there are more than this number, they also have the possibility to join, up to 32 people. But this is a feature offered to voice chat only.

The mechanism of joining a group video chat is easy: open a group chat; tap on the camera within the group chat; your friends there will receive a notification that a video chat is available and decide whether they want to join or not. The filters available in the video chat before are still on and you can use it whenever you want. If some of your friends are not camera ready, they can choose to join the group chat as voice. At the same time, while taking part in a group video chat, you can also write messages that everyone in the group chat will be able to read while video streaming. The group chat members that join the video call will have their name appearing up, above the keyboard of the person that initiated the chat.

Snapchat Mentions

The second feature that Snapchat is going to introduce later this week is the mentions in stories, following Instagram’s example. After being tested for some time, it seems that the feature is coming to every smartphone now. Users will be able to tag their friends in posts and whoever wants to see more about the tagged person just has to tap on their name and see the user’s bitmoji, their name, and the Snapchat handle. If they want to see even more on the user – such as photos or stories he/ she posted, they just have to swipe up and go to their profile. The tagged users are not yet notified, but this might change in the future.
What do you think of the newest Snapchat group video calls features?
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