LinkedIn Adapts to the Pandemic Time Launching a New Way to Find Jobs

It is already crystal clear that the world has changed during 2020 in way we have never imagined. And those changes have also affected the life of professionals all over the world, with businesses reorganising workplaces or business models as well.

It has not been a great time for employees as well, as many of them have lost their jobs and it is pretty hard for them to find new ones.

LinkedIn comes in hand to help those that are currently looking for a job and ads a new feature for both the ones that already had a profile on the platform and for the newbies as well. The tool is still in beta testing and for the English language only, but after this period is done and the feature shows traction, they are planning to introduce more languages and expand it to other horizons as well.

LinkedIn Career Explorer

This is the name of the latest feature that LinkedIn is testing. But let’s see how it works.

linkedin career path

First, LinkedIn will use the data we all gave them permission to access and start compare different skills we added to jobs that might fit them. Making this comparison, it will be easier for them to match skills with jobs.

Analysing all the data will help LinkedIn narrow the job possibilities either in the same field you worked before or to a new one that might suit you.

LinkedIn Job Transition tool will help you find possible jobs even though they might have never been on your radar, but the skills you have suit the position.

It is not always easy to find a new job or be confident that you have the right skills, but we bet it is worth a try. Because you never know who needs you in a different professional area that you have never thought about.

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