How To Successfully Run A Facebook Live Broadcast?

People are digging in especially with video. With the latest statistics, we are consuming slightly over 5 hours a day in video and this doesn’t only involve YouTube but as well as dozens of video platforms in the world.
Facebook is definitely not going to lose out this part of the business. Numerous video marketing techniques and features are featured on Facebook itself and the latest one (the most noticeable one) is Facebook Live.
Don’t worry if you have no idea what Facebook Live is all about. Read the below to get a quick glimpse of Facebook Live Broadcast.

According to Facebook, Facebook Live is the ability to broadcast to the largest audience in the world with the camera in your pocket.

Facebook Live comes with several powerful features and ability and here are some of them:

  • Have engaging conversations with your followers
  • Reach new (and more) audiences in new ways
  • Connect—instantly (minus the time barrier)
  • Tell your story, your way (customize the video streaming anyway you like or wish)

For social marketers, Facebook Live is a brand new way to connect with more audience while increasing the engagement level. And yes, gone were the days of using long posts and images. Welcome to the 21st century, folks!
How To Successfully Run A Facebook Live Broadcast-

How To Successfully Run A Facebook Live Broadcast?


Step 1: Tell others about your scheduled Facebook Live event

Facebook Live is just another event — regardless of the size and time. Especially when you are starting out, you are probably going to get a handful viewers at a time. When compared to ROI stats, a few viewers is not going to make the cut, by short or by far.

According to Social Media Examiner, it’s important to let your audience know about your upcoming live video with news feed posts.

Telling others can be in many forms, from sharing a short teaser video to a graphic display, anything and everything need to be done to promote your Facebook Live event. Always remember that while having virtual ‘RSVP’ is always good, there is still a 20 – 50% chance of no-shows.
If you are sharing something important, you may want to consider using Facebook advertisements to boost your visibility. Furthermore, you may well enjoy a higher reach since you are actually promoting something within Facebook!

Step 2: Getting prepared

Preparation is vital in any social media marketing strategy you have in mind. Preparation comes in three forms:

  • Equipment
  • Environment
  • Value

You are going to use either mobile, tablet or laptop to run a Facebook Live event. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient battery in it. Obviously, you do not want to be disconnected simply because you ran out of juice!
In the environment, it relates closely to the background and the location of your video taking. One of the important point to note is to ensure that bright light is not facing at the back as it will just blur out your image. Also, choosing the right environment is vital as you can easily avoid echoes and that unwanted interruption during video taking.
Another great tip in getting prepared is to ensure that you are not interrupted by phone calls during the video taking. This will automatically cancel the live video and may create an embarrassing situation.
Last but not least, a successful Facebook Live is all about giving value to your followers and this means that the expectations are high.
So, how do you actually provide tons of value to them? The answer is simple: Prepare and practice.
Trust me, the first few times are always the most challenging ones as panic and adrenaline rush will kick in the first time you are trying it out.
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Step 3: Personalize

if you are looking to be extremely successful with Facebook Live, you need to be different from the rest. As of now, there are thousands of marketers who are trying to leverage the true power of Facebook Live. Therefore, being different from the rest is an important step to guarantee your success.
Facebook Live is all about yourself and your audience. You need to be relaxed, be yourself and above everything, do not forget to smile!
You need to make yourself comfortable before you can actually look natural on live video.
Another way of personalizing Facebook Live is by providing an actionable call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the live video. For example, you can inform your Facebook followers on your upcoming Facebook Live video to ensure that they will continue to support your effort.
Always remember that a successful call-to-action (CTA) involves:

  • Actionable task
  • Achievable results
  • Simplicity of the actions needed


Step 4: Learn and understand the metrics from Facebook Live

There are metrics that you can get using Facebook Live. Therefore, you should use it!
A few metrics that you can use are:

  • Minutes viewed
  • People reached
  • Video views
  • 10-second views
  • Unique viewers
  • Reactions, comments and shares
  • Average % completion

Facebook audience metrics will help you in many ways. For example, the Audience Retention metrics could help you decide on the length of the future videos.
Minutes viewed metrics is a great way to understand the attentiveness level of your followers and the attention span for them. You many want to tweak the length of the video based on their interest and personal requirements.
Apart from that, the metrics on people reached is also important as it shows a number of audiences the video reached.
Important takeaway: With the Facebook Live metrics, you can experience your next live video (marketing) strategy and perform calculated amendment to ensure that you are getting the results you are aiming for. Furthermore, you can also use the metrics to double the engagement level and making sure that your followers are always interested in what you have to share.

Now it is your turn!

Live video marketing is no longer strange in the social media marketing world. It is extremely effective and the cost of running it is extremely low (at times, you do not even need to buy additional equipment for it).
As Facebook (as well as a dozen of other social media platforms) are putting crazy emphasis on live streaming, there is absolutely no lost for you to engage in Facebook Live and start leveraging it.
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