Social Media Is Changing. Are You Ready?

We know that social media is changing over and over again. Just like many of us, you are busy looking for the latest social media tips to skyrocket your business, increase your engagement or simple boost your leads.
Either way, you think that you are probably “okay” since you are constantly keeping up with the latest social media trends.
Today’s post is all about social media changes and what you can expect in the coming months.
And without further delay, let’s dive in right now!
Social media is changing. Are you ready_

Social Media Is Changing. Are You Ready?


1. The growth of video marketing

I remember those days where video marketing was considered another form of marketing. Since 2013, video marketing is already integrated into social media. For those who have invested time into video marketing since the early days, you are probably reaping the benefits right now as we speak.
Don’t worry if you are still considering if you should be doing video marketing. The answer is short and sweet: “Y-E-S!”
Video marketing is blooming and it is never too late to participate in.

Here are a few tips if you want to start video marketing today:

  • Short form videos are always best. Always consider that people are busy with their lives and you certainly do not want to waste their time. Publish videos which are short and highly actionable.

Trust me, they are going to be very thankful!

  • Be in a constant circle. Have you ever published videos and stopped for God knows what reasons? Well, I did that before too!

If you want to be successful in video marketing, always publish at a constant circle. It doesn’t matter if you are just publishing once a month, don’t (ever) break the circle!

  • Publish video that your readers like. No one is going to watch your video if you are not sharing something that your readers are interested in. Therefore, it is safe to say that video marketing can be extremely beneficial for you if you are sharing the right content on video.


2. Live streaming is getting ever popular

Did you notice something on your Facebook News Feed recently?
Everyone is using live stream to promote their business. Not convinced? Take a look at Grant Cardone on Facebook. He is constantly sharing powerful live streams!
Even Gary Vaynerchuk is publishing live streaming on his Facebook page from time to time.
Live stream works and it will carry on for years to come.
So, what are you waiting for?
You can start live streaming in just a few steps:

  • Choose a social media platform you want to participate in
  • Plan out the content (focus on one topic at a time)
  • Plan out the estimated duration (shorter is better; 1-5 minutes is great to start with)
  • Publish and cross-share on various platforms (using the URL provided or replays)


3. Snapchat usage is ever growing

Snapchat was once the tool to chat with one another, and probably that’s all.
But thanks to the sudden growth of Snapchat, the platform itself is growing and expanding rapidly. This allows you (as a content creator) to tap into new markets and audience … minus the competitions when compared to Facebook and Twitter.
Big names such as McDonald’s, Acura and Heineken have all waded in. When will you be using Snapchat to grow your business and expand your reach?
Snapchat is easy to start. You can start your first Snapchat account by clicking on this link.
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4. The importance of advanced audience analytics (and targeting)

With the constant advancement of technology, tools are getting better and therefore, analytics report is getting better. With the amount of competition in the market right now, the need of audience analytics and targeting get more important than ever.
This year (and beyond), you are going to need those two if you want to success in business.
The surface, you may think that advanced audience analytics and targeting are just two simple steps but in reality, they are challenging.
Take a look at Facebook advertising for example. Everyone regardless of the types of business use Facebook advertising to reach to their potential audience.
So, how could you leverage this trend in social media marketing?
Head over to your business page and export out the data (clicks, locations, members etc). Block up a few hours of your time and discuss the data with your marketing team.
Your goal is to work out a plan to target the right audience and interest using the data you have collected from your existing social media accounts.

5. Virtual reality and social media marketing

I want to make it clear that until now, there is no direct connection between virtual reality (VR) and social media marketing. Deep inside, I think VR is going to affect how social media marketers are going to market themselves in the coming years.
So, what should you know about virtual reality?

Using a VR headset, you are put into a 3D simulated reality which you can look around at 360 degrees, just like in the real world. You can usually interact with the virtual environment, and, in some cases, even move around. Credits to Trusted Reviews.

And if you are wondering, Facebook-owned Oculus Rift had just started shipping out products this year. With Facebook’s investment in Oculus Rift (especially in the virtual reality industry), it is safe to say that this might just take off to a whole new level in the coming years.

Do you remember about video marketing I had spoke about earlier? *hint hint*

Words around also says that big brands such as Google is also interested in grasping on this new and fun technology.
Again, there may be very fewer connections between virtual reality and social media marketing but be prepared as I am 100% sure something big is coming soon your way.

A quick recap and conclusion

Social media is changing constantly. Those days, we were walking to catch up with trends but now, we have to run and fight to be on par with the trends.
Marketing and human are constantly changing in this world. So, does social media marketing changing in the right direction?
What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me what you have in mind.