Facebook’s Buying Spree (Infographic)

One of the reason why Facebook is the number one social media network in the world is because Mark Zuckerberg & Co. acquired 42 companies, starting in 2007.
In the infographic below made by WhoIsHostingThis, you can see why Facebook spent $25 billions for 14 companies. Among this 14 companies acquired by Facebook, below are the most important ones:
Instagram  – Acquired: April 2012           – Price: $1 billion
WhatsApp  – Acquired: February 2014   – Price: $22 billion
Oculus         – Acquired: March 2014        – Price: $2 billion
Face.com    – Acquired: June 2012           – Price: between $55 million and $100 million
Friendster   – Acquired: August 2010      – Price: ~$40 million
FriendFeed – Acquired: August 2009      – Price: $50 million
Beside the companies that are displayed in this Facebook’s Buying Spree Infographic, Facebook acquired LiveRail on July 2, 2014. LiveRail who was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco is an ad tech firm who is focusing on video ads. LiveRail worked with ABC, Major League Baseball and A&E Networks. Find out more about how mergers and acquisitions by reading this infographic.
Which of this acquisitions are among the best deals for Facebook in your opinion and why?