Facebook Introducing Say Thanks Videos


This Wednesday (November 12), Facebook announce Say Thanks Videos, a new way to  create personalized video cards for your Facebook friends. There are more than 1.35 billion monthly active users (September 30, 2014) with 864 million daily active users on average (September 2014) so, this new personalized video cards will create a lot of new video content on the social network.
After you make “Say Thanks Videos” you can share them with your friends, family members or some of your coworkers right on your Facebook timeline. You can create and share hundreds of Say Thanks Videos, because there is no limit about how many personalized videos you can create.

How to create Facebook Say Thanks Videos

First go to: facebook.com/thanks. After you choose a friend from your friends list, Facebook will directly generate a preview of the video. You can choose a different theme and also you can add or delete photos and posts that represent your friendship with the selected friend.
After you press the play button and see the preview of your Say Thanks video, you can share this new video on your timeline by clicking the “Share Video” button in the top right corner of your video.
When you click on the “Share Video” button, you’ll have the possibility to write a personalized message before posting the video on your Timeline. Your friend will be tagged automatically, so the new Say Thanks Video you have just created, will show up on his / her Timeline as well.

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