Twitter Bans Links that Contain Hate Messages

In a world dominated by hate, bullying and misleading information, the social media networks are doing efforts in blocking those types of content and try to get people informed with veridical information and facts that can be proven, not conspiracy theories, hateful messages and violence. 

If until now, Twitter was blocking tweets that were containing hate speech and violence, they did not do anything with the outside links posted in tweets – that could contain such language – starting tomorrow, they are also blocking the outside links that break their community rules. 

Twitter Bans Links that Contain Hate Messages

The updated list of unsafe links on Twitter

So here’s what you should avoid posting on Twitter if you don’t want your links to get blocked:

  • malicious links that could contain phishing activities or lead to malware;
  • links that could redirect to suspicious destinations or platform manipulation campaigns;
  • terrorism or violent extremism;
  • sexual exploitation of children;
  • offers to buy and sell illegal items – this depends on the country/ state;
  • links promoting violence of any type;
  • links promoting hate of any type;
  • private information that is not to be shared without consent;
  • intimate media that is to be shared without consent;
  • misleading information on politics and how to vote;
  • media that depicts violent information.

How is Twitter surfacing the information?

Of course, this is not a one-man job and collaboration is the key when talking about combatting misinformation. Twitter uses the help of NGOs, third-party collaborators that deal with spam and malware, reports from users and internal tools they have developed in this direction.

If a link you want to post breaks Twitter’s rules, you will get an error message related to it, that says: “You can’t complete this action because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. Please visit our Help Center to learn more.”

So from now on, be double careful with what you post on the social network and try to comply with regulations. 

For more information on this subject, read more here.

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