New Design for Facebook Pages – Follow Instead of Like

Remember last year when Instagram announced they will hide the likes on posts in their feed? And make them available only for the one that posted an update and not for their followers? Everyone went almost crazy back then, but it did not take long until they got used to the idea and now nothing seems weird anymore.

It seems that Facebook is testing a new design that will ditch the Like button and make the Follow the main one when it comes to Facebook pages. The test has begun for some time now, but it was available for a small number of pages, but now they made it available for more and the news came out. Available on the Pages Mobile App.

New Design for Facebook Pages – Follow Instead of Like?

This ditch of the like button is not the only novelty the future design comes up with. There are new functionalities that make it easier for admins to manage pages and make it less complex.

This is better for end-users as well, as they will be able to find information on the page, such as bio and other information.

New Design for Facebook Pages
Image source: Facebook

Of course, you will not see the Like button anymore, just the Follow one and the number of followers. 

Why the Follow button? Because in many cases, people tapped the Like button and then unfollow a page for unknown reasons. So the likes counter was not a proper reflection of the page’s reach. With the follow count, the results might be closer to reality and will show a more accurate number of the users that have received updates from a specific page in their newsfeed.

The new design might also bring an easier way for Page owners to switch between the professional and the personal profile as well as when commenting – which is still an issue for some of them at the moment. 

Page management

When it comes to Page management, there will be easier ways to assign tasks – when it comes to posting or creating ads for example, as well as an easier to access and understand Insights. 

This new design and features are still being tested by a range of English-language business pages, but it is not sure when it will be rolled-out globally.

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