New Update On Facebook Graph API – What You Need To Know?

Facebook is changing again and this time, it is going to be huge. The giant announced that the Facebook’s Graph API will be updated by May 2015 which will affect every – single – third party platform.

What is Facebook Graph API? (Facebook Graph API)
The Graph API is the primary way to get data in and out of Facebook’s platform. It’s a low-level HTTP-based API that you can use to query data, post new stories, manage ads, upload photos and a variety of other tasks that an app might need to do.

Oddly enough, I don’t see many people talking about this and I really wonder why?!
And yes, it includes my lovely Hootsuite which I uses it for all my social media management activities.
If you are wondering, Facebook has an update in March where it involved ‘cleaning up’ of Page likes. In some way, it got a pretty positive response especially from page administrators.
But this update is something new. This new update is focused on creating better user privacy which I totally accept it with open heart.

If you manage a Facebook group or community, you know how hard it is to manage those spams, random posts and even malicious links.

For one, I had a tough time to trying to manage it and this update is meant to solve it. So, this update may just come in handy!
Important note: This post may be a little geeky or you may feel it is slightly non-related to social media marketing. Trust me, it has everything to do with social media. Carry on reading – it would only take you around 5 minutes 🙂
facebook graph api update

Impact #1: Integration with Facebook Groups

For those who integrate Facebook Groups with Hootsuite, you will not be able to post (or even integrate them to Hootsuite, for new users) starting May 2015.
This is because third part apps could only be integrated if you are the administrator to the group.
To do: If you have integrate any social media tools with Facebook Groups, put a marking on your calender and remember to remove it before May!

Impact #2: Integration with Facebook news feed

The Facebook Graph API will also affect several social media platforms that pull the news feed information. This means that the API is more strict in allowing third party apps to access it.
Currently in Hootsuite, you will be able to integrate personal Facebook profiles like this:
integrating facebook into Hootsuite
However, this will not be possible once the Facebook Graph API is updated.
For me, I am going to miss this feature. I mostly use third party social media tools to manage my Facebook account and this is going to hurt me a lot! Tell me about it in the comments below.

Wondering how all these will work out after Facebook updates its Graph API? Or maybe the differences between both? Read the comparisons below!

Pre-Facebook update

Before Facebook update its Graph API, you can easily integrate Facebook into (literally) any social media dashboards. Most of the time, all you need is to authenticate yourself and you can easily connect your Facebook account.
And this is an extreme time safer. Imagine managing all your Facebook marketing under one dashboard; namely Hootsuite and Cyfe.
You can monitor the notifcations, mentions, replying to posts and even like Facebook posts without even accessing Facebook official login.

After-Facebook update

Integrating Facebook for both profile and groups will become a challenge for you. You may even face challenges where you will not be able to connect Facebook to various social media dashboards.
While this may still be a little too early to say, you can be sure that sharing posts and updates using third party tools would not be the best (or most effective) method.
The new update allows only the administrator to perform such; posting updates to groups.

Can you do anything about this?

As a social media marketer myself, I wish there is something we could do about it. However, there is just too less information in the Internet right now (at this time of posting) for further analytics.
Looking at the bright side, I am still very happy with the update as this will reduce the number of spams done by other illegal tools and apps. Of course, this update comes with a hefty price; the ability to publish posts using tools.
I have a question for you. Do you think this update offers more advantages than disadvantages?
Tell me what you think and see you in the comments below!
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