Important Tumblr Questions to Ask

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Needless to say, Tumblr can be enjoyable. There are so many different fandoms and overall genres to take into account, each of them with their own degrees of appeal. Nonetheless, Tumblr has proven itself to be very broad and it’s clear that many microblogging enthusiasts would like to get involved with this platform, too. Before you get your hands dirty, though, it would be in your best interest to ask a few questions ahead of time.
In all likelihood, you’ll get the hang of Tumblr in a few short weeks; maybe a few short days if you’re truly dedicated. However, to maximize the benefits of this website at the onset, here are some of the most important Tumblr questions you would be wise to ask.

Important Tumblr Questions to Ask


“Is there a post limit on Tumblr?”

If you only use Tumblr sparingly, you may not know that you are limited to 250 posts per day. In my view, this is generous, especially when you consider that very few actually reach this limit with their respective blogs. Keep in mind that this 250-post limit includes reblogs as well. When the clock reaches 12 o’clock at midnight, the post count resets, allowing you to start posting at 0 once more. As stated earlier, though, it’s unlikely that you will reach this limit, so don’t fear reaching the cap.


“How do I get people to follow me?”

After spending some time on Tumblr, you may be interested in securing followers. Without these, the content you post or reblog may not see much traction. There are a few ways that you can attract followers. One of the major ways is to follow other blogs, interacting with them and reblogging their material. When you interact with those accounts long enough, they may follow you back. It’s also worth noting the importance of mutual friends on other social networks, Facebook included, as they may follow you. These are just a few ways to attract followers, which is a vital step for any online marketing firm that may want to take advantage of Tumblr.


“On Tumblr, can I schedule my posts?”

Whether it’s for advertising purposes or for the sake of not overwhelming your followers, it may be in your best interest to schedule posts and reblogs. The way that you do this is with the “queue” function, which is something that you should become familiar with on Tumblr. Not only can you queue posts for particular days, but for exact times as well. What this means is that you won’t have to worry about a post randomly showing up on any given day. This also helps you work around the 250-post limit, as covered earlier, since queued posts do not apply until the time they’re published.


“Can I have multiple blogs under one account?” 

Yes, you can. Tumblr is user-friendly, in the sense that a single account can house a number of blogs on a single account. While there isn’t exactly a set limit, you want to make sure that you do not have too many, since you’ll wind up juggling more than you would like. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to have a few blogs, one for each particular interest. One blog may be used for live blogging during certain shows, while another may be used to talk about recipes. This is just one of the many reasons why you may be inclined to keep numerous blogs under a single Tumblr account.

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