How to Use Fiverr to Your Advantage

The ever-so-popular Fiverr is one social network that creates a diverse amount of benefits and drawbacks. This social network allows customers to make direct contact with merchants about services related to social networking and website branding. Alternatively, many businesses and sole proprietary companies make the mistake of purchasing “Likes”, “Followers” and “Retweets” to boost their brand.
What companies, including bloggers, are unaware of is how detrimental this practice can be for their business. When purchasing fake followers, likes, retweets and other social network interactions, businesses must continue to purchase them in order to keep the trend. It is frowned upon for businesses to utilize Fiverr in this way unless it is absolutely beneficial to marketing strategies.
However, when utilized properly, Fiverr can become a social network that is both effective and efficient.

Who Is Fiverr Directed Towards?

The majority of people who visit Fiverr fit into two groups:

  • Businesses/Contractors
  • Customers

Contractors and customers can interact with one another and, quite possibly, deny services to and from each other. Services incorporated on Fiverr include:

  • Gifts
  • Graphics & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Online Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Programming & Tech
  • Music & Audio
  • Fun & Bizarre
  • Lifestyle

Fiverr has an abundance of contractors in each category, making it easier for customers to choose the contractor of their liking. Most services are $5, but can go upward depending on the level of experience necessary to finish the task.
As a fair strategy on Fiverr, customers pay ahead of time for the services. The funds stay within a vault until the customer approves the work done by the contractor. By such time, the funds transfer from the vault to the contractor. If unsatisfied, customers can deny the work and funds will be transferred back to their account within several business days.

How Bloggers Can Utilize Fiverr

Tedious in nature, blogging is a task that only the most skilled writers or most knowledgeable people attempt. Even more, only a small portion of bloggers have a large following on their blog. Bloggers that do not have a large following mainly lack focus in utilizing social networks such as Fiverr to their advantage and become stuck in a loop. In order to break this loop, it could be vital for a blogger to utilize the following tips on Fiverr.

How to Use Fiverr to Your Advantage


1.Purchase a Contractor to Do a Video Intro

There’s an abundance of contractors on Fiverr, and bloggers can utilize this to their advantage. Opposed to listing services on the social network, bloggers have the ability to purchase services to better assist their marketing needs. Contacting a contractor in an attempt to gain access to their skills as a video technician can only seek to benefit the blogger, longer.
Video introductions that can later be posted on YouTube, Facebook, WordPress and other social networks will be ideal for a blogger. In order to attract additional traffic to a blog, he or she must expose social network users to it. Marketing is key, and videos are a gateway to attracting more people to visit a blog.

2. WordPress Assistance

In addition to a video introduction, it’s important for bloggers to understand they can also purchase a contractor for WordPress assistance. Many bloggers are perceptive with WordPress and know their fair share of coding. However, bloggers are incapable of fixing every error – especially those that are more difficult to detect. Paying $5 to have someone look through the coding quickly and fix any errors can only benefit a blog. Blog loading times can significantly decrease if duplicate scripts and coding are removed from the database.

3. Website Banner Assistance

Bloggers are perceptive with writing and providing information. However, many are not well versed in the field of web design. Unless he or she has time to dedicate to learning Adobe Photoshop or other programs to make banners, it will be in their best interest to hire a contractor. A website banner only seeks to benefit a brand; therefore, a blogger should get only the most susceptible assistance with his or her webpage design. For example, if you’re a ceramic cookware company, you might have a banner that shows all of your products but you can’t use Photoshop. This is a great way to get what you want, you just send the files along with your purchase and they can use your photos and make it however you request.

4. Marketing Services on Fiverr

In addition to contacting other contractors, a blogger can also utilize Fiverr as a way to market his or her services. Although it might be difficult to find a way to promote a blog directly, a blogger might find a more indirect approach. Providing writing services on Fiverr can be a gateway to meeting clients that could potentially allow them to guest blog on other sites.

5. Extend Long-Term Marketing With Fiverr

Fiverr can be an advantage to any marketer looking to extend themselves in the long-term. However, it can also be helpful for bloggers, whether they are the customer or contractor. Fiverr is a social network that can help extend long-term marketing efforts when used in an appropriate, applicable way.

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