Today’s Best Ways on How Can Web Designers Utilize Colors for their Works

Imagine a canvas that has a magnificent picture drawn on it. Such intrinsic details, beautiful artistry, a vast combination of lines, shades, and fades truly a wonderful work of art. But yet, there is no life; why you may ask. Simply because there are no colors. Sure, it brings out the expression, but only to a certain point. Life is not present in the image, or better yet, the soul is nowhere to be found; that is why colors are important. Whether it’s green, blue, violet, red, pink, mandarin, or any other combination, they are necessary for bringing artistry to life. And do you think it’s fun to live in a world of black and white? If your answer is yes, you are robbing yourself of the blessing that has been given to you by God, and that is your sense of sight.
Needless to say, colors are really important whether in art or professional work, especially for web designing. It is responsible for making a website attractive, unique, easy to distinguish, and most of all, to be remembered. Color is one of the main, if not the central, and most essential parts of designing a website. That is why it is important for web designers to make use of their talents not only in sketching or designing templates but also in creating, using, manipulating, and combining every shade and hue out there.
Web designing is growing incredibly fast, and the competition is indeed getting stronger and tougher. In a blink of an eye, the trends that you used to enhance your work will suddenly become obsolete, and the only way to counter this inevitable event is to adapt and learn the new trends of your craft. That is why web designers must learn the new trends in utilizing colors for web designs, because viewers, customers, and potential clients are getting tired of the same old format and concept; the harsh reality, isn’t it? So in order to remain on top of the web designing hierarchy, take time to read through and get ideas from today’s best ways to utilize colors for web design.

How Can Web Designers Utilize Colors for their Works

How Can Web Designers Utilize Colors Today?

1. Pretty in Lots and Lots of Pink

This girly-powered color has been used for decades in the web designing industry, but not to the extent that it becomes the main concept of a page. Pink has grown more into just a splash in the color wheel. Most websites now use pink palettes as their main ingredient in cooking a very unique and powerful web page, all thanks to the concept of Tumblr Pink. From salmon to ashy rose, this wonderful color trend has been dubbed “Millenium Pink” and has been considered to reach its peak by many users and viewers alike back in 2016. Who thought a lady color would be so strong in the market?

2. The Bold and the Brightly Beautiful

Bold and Bright color concepts are also a big trend today for web designers. It started back in 2014 and is still doing well today in 2018. Actually, web designers have realized that bold colors are attracting and pleasing more eyes on the market today. Furthermore, brands, big and small, are considering more eye-catching and enticing bold and bright colors, which is why it is such a big trend today. From flat colors to a much-accepted and appreciated upgraded version, bold and bright colors will remain and continue to be one of the best choices for web designers.

3. Grateful Gradients

Gradients are also classic color palettes that are slowly becoming the new hot for color trends. Shades fade, and other color combinations are beginning to be appreciated more because its semi-flat design brings out the beauty of collaboration between hues and additional cues that make the naked eye relaxed and hooked. Thanks to iOs and apps like Instagram, Stripe, and Spotify, gradients are once again solidifying their marks in the color scheme world. Whether for simple backgrounds, foregrounds, or even coloring images, we can all say that gradients are once again here to stay.

4. Super Duper Mega Ultraviolet!

Pantone’s color of the year goes to none other than Ultraviolet for many reasons. This certain shade of purple is described to be “dramatically provocative and very thoughtful”, plus it is a symbol of royalty and brilliance. Furthermore, purple has been used by famous music icons such as David Bowie, Prince, and the great Jimi Hendrix, who seem to have an affinity with the color violet. Surprising as it seems, ultraviolet has become a big hit in mobile app designs and has gained success throughout recent years. We can now be positive that this is indeed one for the record books.

5. Pastel anyone?

Pastel colors are not only good for flowers but also for web design as well. It gives a minimalistic approach to setting the mood for the eyes and tends to cool and relax things down a little bit, offering more attraction to the concept of the website itself. Mint greens, stormy blues, and pinks are taking the web design war to a whole new level and will definitely kill the stigma of over whites and blacks. Also, it gives a sense of thrill and adventure to the artist and clients because pastels are not usually used for color designing on websites, which is why it is becoming a very popular choice in reinventing the web design community.

6. Black will always be Black, and it’s Beautiful

Lastly, I know I said that black and whites are not enough to make a picture look alive, but then again, if you combine certain shades of black and turn them into something unique and eye-catching, you’ll gain respect and applause from your peers and clients. Today, black palettes are also becoming increasingly popular because of the modern touches that artists use to intensify and bring more life out of this dark void. Come to think of it, it’s not technically a color but rather the absence of it, but it will be transformed into something more beautiful than the naked eye has ever seen with the collaboration and dedication of an artist’s mind.
There you have it, the best colors to utilize for web designing today, but that’s only a pinch of it, there are still a lot more choices to choose from, and I suggest you go out there, search the web, reacquaint yourself with old friends and look for the best color trends that will suit your style and approach. After all, everything is considered art.

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